Mori Pwani Beach

A good friend of mine told me just a few weeks ago of a beautiful new resort in Second Life, called Mori Pwani, and I have noticed how much the place has changed him in the few visits he had to it.  Seems he has lost the melancholy caused by the loss of Bish almost completely now, and trust me that’s a fantastic thing!  Memories are good, but not when they go all black on you 😉

Anyway, I thought since he has become such a changed avatar, that I MUST direct all the other lost Bish souls to this new place from my blog, so when I finally do get to log back into my life and visit it, you will ALL be there 😉  So, get to the resort homepage and just see how real this new paradise is.  I hear from this same friend of mine that an old bikini wearing surfer dude buddy of mine apparently made the bulk of these sims along with a crazy team of surfers, and that it feels much much better than Bish ever did.  Knowing that it could only have been VW Sands, I completely agree with that statement and wish Mori Pwani, VW, Lissa and everyone there the very very best!

Keep those boards waxed, I’ll be back before you know it!


I havent been around for a while…

I miss Bish so much! I have to say these last few months since LL closed us down, I have been very much in mourning, and driven by a horrible guilt loaded with shame for dropping so many wonderful friends by losing the resort like that.  I have finally made my peace with the loss though, but I still miss just dropping out of RL into paradise and living the dream that was Bishara, Majini, Bahati, Mandhari, Pepo and Wimbi Islands.

That said it was always the people who made Bish what it was, not even the waves, the environment or the sounds.  So I was overjoyed when I heard from a friend of mine that there has been some new sims with a similar feeling, full of echoes of the past, but soaked in a much brighter future!  So seeing how it has affected him so positively to be again in a sim where the old friends have all found a new home, I have decided to write a final post here to help you all find this new paradise. If you see any of the old team there, send them my fondest regards.  I still dream of my return, and as soon as my RL avatar’s ship finally comes in, I will be back and then I too will hope to call this new place my home!

My apologies to everyone!

It has been a real shock when I realized I missed the last email from Linden Labs stating that they are removing the sims from the grid, though not deleting them yet, until the final outstanding funds are paid.  I was not expecting this to happen until the end of January, but for reasons unknown, but understandable taken the time that has passed, the sims were removed.

Firstly about Linden Labs – they have been fantastic since I lost my job and we were left in what I would call dire need as a family.  After attempting to apply for over 131 jobs online and in person, I finally gave up and settled back in South Africa to find a lower paid job and help my new little family survive.  Sadly the country has exchange controls in place which make moving funds offshore (from South Africa to the US for example) almost impossible.  Though I have not had all the funds to pay, I would have been able to pay the bulk of the debts soon.  Lindens have been waiting for this to happen since August, but sadly we were always almost US$1,000 behind in payments and their patience understandably have finally run out.  That said, I wish to thank them all for their kindness since they are a business and not a charity, but still chose to work with VW and I to see what we can do to resolve this mess.

About Dumisani Ah – Dumi has not been inworld as I chose to remain offline until I could pay my debts. This way the sims had hope of being live for as long as possible and the debt outstanding only prevented my avatar from accessing SL in-world.  It was a hard hard hard thing to do since I had missed so much of what was happening, and more importantly missed my very best friends, you all in Bishara.  Dumi has a chance to still prevent the deletion of the sims if I can pay the outstanding within the next month.  For that to happen I need to close two very important deals and use the commissions from that to settle the debt to Linden Labs.  I am still positive this can happen, but I am not wanting to create any false hope, so watch this space and we see what can be done.

Bisharians – I have been honored to have met some of the most amazing friends in-world that I could ever wish to meet even in RL.  You are all simply fantastic and the support I had from you all to help me save the sims, and especially from VW and the clan, will never never be forgotten.  Thank you very very much!

Surfers – What can I say to describe the shame I feel for dropping you all so badly and losing you three fantastic surf spots!  I do not have the courage to face any of you really, but want to share with you all at least this that I tried everything I could to find the funds to pay LL the backlog.  Sadly the sims have never been profitable or at a breakeven point, even when VW and I tried adding all kinds of things to them.  So the backlog simply grew and grew, and as I usually subsidize that outstanding bit every month, the sims cost became impossible to cover.  Again, if I can change this I would, as you all deserve to have these places back again.

Landowners – Some of the most important people to me have been those of you who bought and own land in Bishara Resorts.  How do I apologize for disappointing you all?  I cannot really say anything to give you back what you have lost, and as I am totally unsure what happens to your land, can only say I hope that there is some compensation from LL.  Please know that I landed in this position only because I lost my job in May, and after many promises from my employer, the 3 month backlog in salaries too.  It is the harsh reality of the global economy these days that we are all at the mercy of investors, shareholders and bosses who wish to move their funds to safer havens and do so at a wim at times.  I apologize that this is so with me and that there has been no reprieve for Bishara due to my own financial situation.

VW and team – I cannot express the amazing sense of pride I feel to be called your friend!  You have been the most amazing in this whole sad episode in my life, and I cannot ever repay you for all the pain and frustrations you had to experience on my behalf, or for the warmth and kindness you showed to me.  Thank you, VW, specifically for the friendship we have, and to have honored us with your presence, willingness to help and the unselfish manner in which you managed Bishara in my absence.  Thank you each and everyone of you!

Bishara is gone, long live Bishara

Aloha Bishara – Despite the promise from LL to leave the sims on-line until “the end of January”, they have taken the sims off the grid forever. In a last minute plea to activate the sims long enough to clean off all of our prims they did put them back up “for 24 hours” but as I was not in a very trusting mood, I returned everything and picked up my own objects as well late last night.

I just wanted to apologise to those residents that got mass quantites of prims returned with no warning but LL gave me no choice but to clean things up and do so in a hurry. I figured it better to rescue all of your inventory that let it poof with the sims.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you for making Bishara such a great place. It has been a great pleasure running these sims and for all the stress and long hours I have been rewarded ten-fold by your warmth and friendship. Lissa and I are gratefull to have had the chance to be a part of the Bishara Estate.

My deepest thanks to you Dumi. You have been an inspiration, a dear friend and a mentor. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family. You can be very proud of what you created here mate, I know I am.

Last but not least, a special thanks from the SLSA and the entire surfing community. Bishara has been the premier surf venue in SL for nearly 2 years now and I know I speak for hundreds of surf rats, sponsers, designers, vendors and artists that will not soon forget what Bishara has been. Last weekends SLSA comp, held on Pepo was in honour of an old Bish local, Robin Choche. Had it not been for LL pulling the plug earlier than they had promised, the SLSA awards party was to be held on Maji later tonight (Sat the 20th) We have hosted countless Surf-Jams and SLSA comps and well, Bishara has been a major player in the surf scene and will be missed.

Thank you all once again and as always, paddle hard.


Group Liabilities

Aloha Bishara!
Let´s see if I can make this clear as we STILL have some members that do not understand……….
Until Dumi returns, the Bishara Group has no “owner”. That means that WE are responsible for group liabilities (30L per week for search inclusion). Now, both Dumi and I have said time and time again that if you are among the members (of 900) that have been charged 1L all you have to do is IM me and I will refund the 1L.

The simple solution is of course is for Dumi to allow group “officers” to pay liabilities (in the roles) but until he can log in and make the neccesary changes in the roles it´s up to “us” to scrape together the whopping 120L each month.

Again, if you have been charged for group liabilities but refuse to IM me for a refund and instead open group IM´s to complain about being charged 1L, yell about “poor management” and trash talk, well maybe it´s time you get some perspective.

If the thought of a 3% chance of being charged 1L each month (refundable) to help us maintain this group until Dumi returns is just to much for you to deal with then leave the group.

Think nothing of the 30.000 USD Dumi has paid on your behalf in the past 3 years nor the 1500 USD each month he pays to provide us with these great sims.


Surf-Jam results

Greetings Surf-Rats!  The November Surf-Jam was a BLAST and once again sl finest surfers were out in force to contest the title. SJ8 found Colleen Brennan grabbing Top Dawg honours, CONGRATS Col! In P2 Abel Halderman, a TIE for P3 with Bobbi Laval and Desirae Beaumont forced to stand REAL close on the podium! Vibes Team rider WickedV Carver rounded out the final heat and fininshed P5. WTG Wick 🙂

If you missed the action, SurfWidow Beaumont filmed the entire event and has clipped together an AWESOME video that is a MUST see! Check it out here:

Next up on the schedule, the SLSA will be back at Majini on Saturday November 15th and our friends over at Surf City will be hosting the Surf City Open a week later on Saturday the 22nd. Sunday the 23rd, the SLSA Master training classes on Chi as well so plenty of surfing action in November!

Paddle hard,


Surf-Jam 8


Surf-Jam time once again – Saturday November 1st, 12 SLT! Novembers SJ will be contested on LONGBOARDS ( Heather / Seb ) and we will be using the Epic wave. As always, the contest is limited to VSA members ONLY and the roster has room for just 20 riders. Registration by IM opens on Monday the 27th. Keep an eye out for in-world Group notices for more info!