Bishara Shopping Centre adds new designers

Its official – Bishara Shopping Centre will open on the 8th of March 2007, so we hope to see you all there for some serious networking 😉

Bishara Shopping Mall

More importantly we have been adding new designers to the niche centre as we move towards the grand opening on the 8th at 1pm.  I can tell you that these are all favorites of mine:

  • Lahar Broadway for some of the best watch and clock products in SL,
  • Aitui for his awesome tatts and skins.  This is a fantastic talent in SL with great products,
  • Vindi Vindaloo, yes, we have officially been made resellers by one of SL’s leading lights in fashion, and we immediately went out and spent serious money in providing you the very best stock in this store,

drift textures - unique low cost textures

  • drift textures is a Bishara specialist store with unique textures.  Come and find low cost textures that are absolutely unique in SL,

lag fashion, when staring is all you can do…

  • lag fashion presents some of our local talent and will be opening its store soon.  If you are a good RL designer or artist looking for a vehicle to test your talent, come and see us for ‘lag’.  It forms a common tag for all our local Bishara talent and we use it to launch new creative talent for clothing, accessories and shoes.

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