Vindi Vindaloo selling like sweets at Bishara!

We have been experiencing a wonderful response from shoppers at Bishara to the new Vindi range of fashion we have installed in its own custom area.  The range includes some gorgeous designs and we would like to invite you to come and buy stock at the current prices as soon as convenient, as the stock is selling out fast.  Cannelle, one of the latest dresses from Vindi, sold 4 units in 3 hours after being placed in store, only to be surpassed by Pour l’Amour d’une Rose, a stunning gown also from Vindi’s collection.  We are selling out of Vindi’s wedding dresses too, so rush to buy them while we still have them at current prices.

 MEN – Vindi’s suits and tuxedos are some of the very very best in Second Life and the only suits I have been wearing of late.  We have also added Vindi’s beautiful Pepper & Salt range of mensware with its open neck shirts and tailored suit finish.  There are few menswear designers who can match the quality of outfits by Vindi at reasonable prices, so swing on by and visit the Bishara Shopping Centre for your own look.


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