Dive the REEF

Come and dive our reef! We have added hundreds of interesting new features to our reef and it is fast becoming one of the premier diving destinations in SL. We are trying to establish a diving club to be based out of Bishara that will help us compile a list of great diving spots throughout SL and who’s members will be able to assist other land owners to help advance the protection of RL reefs through SL examples.

Our reef now has hundreds of fish, of all kinds, beautifully presented in many different formats for your enjoyment. We have a singing and a swimming whale, and will soon be using a third whale as our means of transporting residents throughout our region. We have all kinds of dolphins, leaping ones, diving ones, swimming ones, ones you can admire from a distance, ones you can swim with, all made for your enjoyment and pleasure. Come and see our range of sharks, all as close to the real thing as possible. If you think we missed some species found in SL please let us know. All are harmless, as Bishara is a safe region, but some attack you. Swimming among or below the breakers in MUNCH BAY will show you some wonderful fish amongst the sea weeds, but swim to far back and our sharks will pounce and attack you, leaving some serious blood in the water 🙂

Try the incredibly well made grotto and wreck in the REEF area of Bishara, specially built for you by our own master builder, Chris69 Fitzgerald. Here you can dive into a hollow and discover some beautiful surprises and even some treasure. Send us some comments on how we can improve this area, who we can add to our champion list of RL environmentalists who help protect RL reefs and sea life.


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