Bishara Fishing Hole

Well, in light of the VAT issues of the last two months I have been trying to find some distractions to my plight by developing ideas in-world that will convince me to stay and help me ultimately pay my tiers and future sims.
One of the new features we are adding is the fishing tournament that can be found at Munch Bay. Although it has been running for a few weeks now, Kaikou Splash and I have been discussing adding a feature that will allow Bishara fisherpeople (what do we call a fisherman that is female? A fisherwoman? Will fisherpeople or a fisherperson be non-offensive enough to use here? A whole blog of discussions can go into that one) to compete with one another here on the Bishara home pages to see who caught the month or year’s biggest fish at our fishing hole. Although the current daily prizes are relatively small, the monthly price will be L$250 and the yearly price will be L$5,000, making it worth your while to throw that line in asap and see what you can catch.
Anyone with more ideas about the fishing experience in Bishara’s islands, please IM me or drop me a notecard or simply comment here so that we can develop this new experience into a seriously fun adventure for all.


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