Mandhari Island – New designs for houses available soon!

Hi everyone, well, looks like Bishara is fast becoming the community driven project I had always hoped for. Today I am delighted to announce that Onna Oktomica will be designing brand new houses for residents of Mandhari Island, in line with the sim’s fantastic design created by Jackson Mulberry. Onna’s designer homes will be available for viewing and purchase in Mandhari Island from the 20th of November, and all interested buyers of land in Mandhari Island will be able to choose the house they wish to put on their new parcels. Current residents may choose to do the same 🙂

We will publish prices of the house models here for everyone to see and possibly view out-world.

Thanks Onna!!! The offer from you was quite timely and helps expand the appeal of our sims !




2 Responses

  1. have you been to the Andaman islands of the Indian ocean . these are fantastic

  2. So, where?
    Don’t see any new houses on mandhari…

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