Bishara needs you :)

Hi everyone, well in the pursuit of my dream of merging SL and RL in terms of conservation ideas, I am about to put idea boxes throughout the resort islands for you all to add your comments and suggestions into. However, I need your expert assistance with our sea-life in Bishara, and so you will see little suggestion boxes around all our underwater creatures and plantation for you to drop note cards into, detailing the RL information about each creature or plant. This is how it will work:
1. If you dive down into the Bishara Island reef for example, you will see a stationary and moving Humpback Whale, and near to them a Humpback Whale information orb. By touching this orb you will be able to read all about the Humpback in RL with a factoid note card popping up containing the information.
However, if you think we need to add something else to the note card data, you can simply right-click on the orb and select ‘ADD’ on the pie menu. Then simply CHAT the information you believe should be added here. Next time someone clicks on the orb requesting information, your comments will be captured in THEIR note card, giving them an even fuller background on the object in question, i.e. the humpback whale, and linking your name to the added data as the contributing author 😉

So we’re basically launching our very own Bishara Wikipedia, or Bikipedia 😉 You can help us write our own story that way 😉


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