New in Bishara!

Several new features have been added to the resort, for your enjoyment and entertainment of course 🙂

1. New fishing game added – find a new and different fishing game by clicking on the fishing board just to the right of the ‘fishing tournament game’ in Munch Bay. Hehe, it does not pay out cash like the other, but it is very realistic and great fun!

2. New spa hot tub has been added to complete the Bishara Spa to a more finished service area.

3. New and fun DART board added to the TIKI bar on Bishara Beach. Its fantastic fun, costs only L$10 to play and has cash prizes too!

4. Weather system over Mandhari Island – we added this feature to test its affect on the sim’s performance and, thanks to Yuukie, the affect on the sailing scripts on the sims. If all goes well we will expand it across the sim’s open land areas to add to the environment effects that are meant to show off the sim as a volcanic sim.

5. Quicksand on Mandhari Island – I added the quicksand pit to the crater of Mandhari, where you see the volcanic activity still happening. It is really funny sinking down in the muck LOL


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