Christmas give-away!

A blessed Christmas everyone from me and my whole team, and to celebrate we are giving away a limited amount of Bishara store stock this weekend! Come to the islands this weekend and try and find all the hidden Christmas gift boxes around the sims. Each will contain a fully paid for product from our stores, allowing you to ‘buy’ the gift box for L$0!!! Its part of a clearance of our current stock, well over L$100,000 worth, and part to thank you all for an amazing year!


2 Responses

  1. I can’t find the voucher anywhere, is it still here?

  2. Hi Sandra, you’re about a month too late 😉 Winner was Sheep Cheney and he found it in the middle of the revolving Mini Golf sign above the mini golf course in Bishara Island. There are some odd boxes still around that sadly did not ‘die’ when they should have, and we will collect them as we go along through February.

    But hey, welcome to Bishara Resorts and I hope you enjoyed the island at least even though the gifts were no longer available.

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