Bishara’s new map based tele portal

Its a work in progress, but I thought you may enjoy the new map based tele portal at Bishara’s entrance. Walk onto it, zoom in using your CAM and choose the destination you like to go to. Touch it and the SL Map pops up confirming the destination for you. Just click Teleport to go there.

In phase two the model will change slightly – we will rezz a teleport transport for you that will wizz you away to the destination without SL Map popping up. We will also be giving you a new HUD for the resort that will allow you to teleport from anywhere to anywhere using the HUD once you have passed through the main map tele portal. This should be completed by end of this week, so enjoy!

Phase three will be even more fun with interactive symbols popping up all over the map showing you who is where on the resort and showing activities and animals across the resort as well. This will be the final stage and we look forward to completing this little fun place for everyone soon!


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