Second Life land price reductions

Wow, what a week! This announcement from Linden Labs was so shocking it managed to reach me even here in Africa! A 40% reduction in the sim pricing for island purchases in the future, wow! Is there an opposite to WOOT, someone? I mean, I am actually sick at this point, as it is now clear that there has been some shenanigans at the Lab! Here is why I say that – In Q4’06 and Q1’07 the new island prices were announced and implemented with a graceful adjustment to those land owners who purchased the older private region or island product from Linden Lab, and it was as a thank you to them for building SL into what it was at that stage, the Lindens agreed that they would not raise their island tier cost for a year (note it is still not raised). However all new owners would pay the new US$1675 price plus the much higher US$295 per sim tier fee as it was simply not possible for LL to support the growth of SL with the older pricing, or something in that veign went their argument at the time.

Now it seems threatened by all kinds of new projects companies and exciting new virtual worlds, an adjustment has just been announced that would change the lay of the land (excuse the bad pun) in SL for a very long time to come. The mainland will be flooded with new land and newly released abandoned land (WOOT to that as it makes sense for growth, but watch the pricing, yet again…) that could have me write a whole new blog just on that topic and its frustrating effects on the economy, but lets focus instead on the private island pricing that effects Bishara residents directly. WOOT to the lowering of the island price. It must be said that the four sims at Bish were paid for by myself personally and the price was always crazy at US$1675 per sim, so LL must be commended dropping the price to a more reasonable level.

However, lets look at this closely. The announcement made on the blog ( makes only mention of the dropping of the price to the new price per sim of US$1,000, with a vague comment about future announcements that would address current island owners and orders, as well as edu/char and Open Space sims. So my first question here is why announce the new sim pricing at all in this post, why not post it later with ALL the information there for us to see and evaluate? All the current announcement has done is cause huge disputes and unhappiness with concierge customers again, the very people who should be drawn close and nutured by Linden Lab, as they form the core of the profitable customers now and in the future.
Secondly, why now? I mean we keep reading and hearing about the ‘explosion’ of new island purchases the last year or so that should have led to two things, the confirmation that the paying public feel the pricing was reasonable as demand outstripped supply almost continuously, and that the price should therefore face a future increase to help LL manage such demand more profitably.
Lastly, why not credit the people who made this explosion of sales work for LL, by giving something back, as LL did for those original private region owners in 06/07’s price bump. Surely for sim owners who paid the inflated price of US$1675 tier fee reductions should have been included in the price announcement or some sort of proper rebate?

Anyway, watch that land pricing now. The indexes should all soon show a major drop in the average sq m pricing!


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