Bishara Resorts New Island Reservations

Hi everyone, well well well, I am taking the plunge and putting in 10 new sims throughout the Bishara Resorts island group, with 6 new residential / commercial themed sims, and 4 dedicated ocean sims. I am hoping to have you all help us afford this with the following deal – on Bishara we are placing a parcel reservation system through which you can commit your purchase of a parcel. No money will pass hands until there are 8 reservations per sim. On the reservation of the 8th parcel of a sim we will automatically purchase an island from Linden Labs to place in the position you selected on the map of the reservation system. On ordering this sim we will request payment for your reservation of a parcel, and place the new sim as soon as the Lindens deliver it to us and we have completed the theme, no more than 3 days after receiving the sim. The rates will be published on each reservation system for each new island. Please feel free to IM Dumisani Ah for any requests, questions or comments. This is our first resident collaborative project and we remain open to learning as much as we can. Asante. Dumi


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