Bishara Resorts Club – HOT NEWS

More news for you all on the new island reservation system – formally referred to as the Bishara Resorts Club. What does this mean for you?
1. NEW LAND ON BISHARA – Yes, you will be able to reserve ahead of time your own parcel for brand new islands in the resort.
2. EXCLUSIVE RESERVATION – Bishara Resort group members will be the only people able to reserve.
3. PRE-ORDER RESERVATION – Your reservation is fixed even before we order the island from Linden Labs.
4. RESERVATION RESELL RIGHTS – You can sell your reservation immediately to someone else the moment the new island is placed.
5. RESERVATION PRICING DISCOUNT – You receive a massive discount on reserving land prior to the island being ordered and placed.
6. RESERVED PARCELS – Fully themed and with at least 20% of each island open spaces, the sims are truly exclusive Bishara quality properties, not simply segmented sections of a LL island template.
7. RESERVATION OPTIONS – You can reserve on islands where there are only 8 parcels or only 6 parcels or only 4 parcels.

You will be billed for the property on reservation.
You will be subject to the common Bishara Resorts convenant.
You will only be allowed to own the originally reserved space.
Absolutely no refunds on reservation, as we are buying land as the Bishara Resorts Club on your behalf on the confirmation of your reservation and payment.

How to:
Simply click on the little vendor box on the land you want. It will sell you the exclusive reservation key, a box that gives you the confirmation of your reservation and the conditions of sale as set out here. You can only do so on paying the vendor box on the parcel. Once you have done this two further communications will follow. I will IM you as soon as the parcels on the island have all been reserved and the island ordered from Linden Labs, and I will IM you as soon as the island is placed and themed.


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