Bishara Resorts Club – Latest

More news about our land club. New land purchases in Bishara will be done through this club. In short, we will create a Bishara club group for each new simulator or island that we order. This will not be a Second Life type group, but one of our own so it will not be taking up any of your 25 group slots. To reserve a parcel on this new simulator, you need to pay the reservation space on the Reservation system, which will automatically add you to the new sim or island’s group. As soon as we have enough reservations on this sim or island, Dumisani Ah will place an order with Linden Labs through the new Land Store that will (apparently) generate the new sim or island within minutes for us. Bishara Resorts staff will landscape and theme the sim as the others are on Bishara, and we will IM you directly after it is completed for 1. occupation, or 2. resell. So we buy land as a collective 🙂 Your reservation monies will be kept within the group budget or fund, and will be returned to you should there not be enough reservations for that island.
Pricing on the island is such that you make a killing on the land purchase price if you reserve early, and such that Bishara Resorts still has a bit left to spend on theming and landscaping. Any questions about this, the reservation system or generally about the expansion, just IM Dumisani Ah or VW Sands.


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