New CEO for Second Life… Errrr, welcome?

So we have a new CEO at Linden Labs. Someone who was a bean-counter and now goes by the letter ‘M’… Where have we seen this before?

Dear ‘M’, err, since I cannot tell you this on your own website (149 comments seem to be the maximum you like in response to a post) I will here – welcome to a fantastic world of make-belief, where you can really meet James Bond, James Bonds, James1 Bonds, James7 Bonde, James20, Bonde, James24 Bonde, James48 Bonde, James001 Bonde, James007 Bonde, James123 Bonde, JamesA Bonds, and JamesT Bonde in avatar-person if you wish, all of whom I believe would love to meet ‘M’. Walk carefully though, as this is Second Life and well, everyone has a license to kill… Lindens being a primary target from time to time, and especially ones that go by the initial ‘M’…

Personally I have only one request for you – don’t be the bean counter, but please be the artist! That will be a fantastic PLUS for you right out of the starting block! We look forward to meeting you soon, somewhat laggy as you will see, in a rather one sided process of introduction if the usual Linden meeting, but hey, look for me in the crowd. I will be the hair piece without an avatar, frozen about 20 meters off the ground, possibly facing away from you. Regardless, despite the hardships of traveling without a body from time to time, I will be there, and with a gift for you as well, as is custom. O, hang on, I need to put a proviser here, if my inventory remains intact during the transition to this public meeting, I will promise to have for you a lovely gift. I need to pass it to you by hand though, as rezzing it on the ground for collection later may lead to it disappearing, for ever, and well, we don’t want that, do we. So as I said, welcome, we look forward to your leadership, guidence and openess.

Yours Sincerely,

Dumisani Ah
Ps. Possibly you should consider changing you name to ‘the Linden formally known as ‘M” for safety reasons, at least until we all get to know you better 🙂


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