Thanks Philip…

Thanks for taking all that resistance during 1999 and the early 2000’s and persisting with your vision to build a Second Life for everyone. Thanks for resisting a complete collapse in 2003 and pushing forward to that amazing explosion in 2006. Thanks for believing that your weird management styles and internal working methods would still somehow keep it all going beyond the pain of a startup. Thanks for all this since it meant in late 2006 you were still around for Dumisani Ah to be born. It allowed me to share the pain for the last 2 years, but with lots of positives along the way too 😉

Most of all I wish you the very best in your future projects and companies, and I certainly commit to being one of your very first customers should you do another one of these. Except maybe if its going to be an expanded model of the famous Love Machine… I may opt out for that one 🙂

Best regards,

Dumisani Ah


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