Life is tough enough without SL…

Yesterday I was reminded just how much I have to be thankful for. A friend dropped me an IM to say good bye, and it took me a moment to realize she meant forever. You see she is ill, very ill, and apparently from all indications losing her battle, so she is saying her good byes. It hit me hard to hear this, very hard, and it just brought me back to RL with a thud.

This morning I saw in a new day with the sun breaking over the mountains in Cape Town, and drawing colours across some low hanging rain clouds, and it hit me just how important SL must have been to my friend, to her enjoyment and distraction from whatever she is fighting in RL. It made me think how hard real life is for so many of my SL friends, and how wonderful an escape this world of ours can be from that hardship. Stress, divorce and illness seem to be chasing a lot of us in-world and daily someone else fights such or another hardship in RL.

To anyone in that position, come by Bishara, just chill out in the resort. IM me for any assistance or help. IM any of us for that matter, because if we have one thing right its the view that we all share a common bond, a friendship within SL that stands above the hardships RL may bring, and where we can support one another through it all!




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