Second Life’s Bay City Land madness!

Reading the Land Auctions page on almost gave me a heart attack! I know there are some land barons who would pay anything for parcels on auction with the chance to monopolize an entire region or a city block, but the Bay City auction prices are totally crazy! A frenzy of bids within a reasonable range were completely usurped by one or two individuals with cash, tripling the bids and driving them beyond the range of the average land buyer in Second Life. Its a ridiculous situation that makes a mockery of Linden land sales, where once free land was part of premium memberships. Now 1024 sq meters of Bay City land goes for over L$125,000 or over L$122 per sq meter. In US$ that translates to over US$460 for the parcel at a ratio 270:1.

In Bishara we are also expanding using low lag Class 5 simulators with beautiful island style themes, but at much more reasonable prices, our intending goal being to have a larger land and sea mass for everyone to enjoy away from the laggy mainland environment. Our prices compare extremely favorably with parcels from 4096 sq meters all the way to 8192 sq meters through our Bishara Resort Club going for cost plus 10%, that’s an asking price of US$1100 per sim size parcel or about L$4.5 per sq meter, individually segmented in the different sizes you wish to buy. The additional 10% is only for Bishara Resorts to terraform the islands when they arrive and to landscape. The covenants are residential / commercial and leave 10 meter terraforming options up or down. Now compare that to Bay City and tell me what’s reasonable?


Q – How does Bishara Resorts Club (BRC) work? A – It is a land co-op, an agreement between Bishara Resorts and reservation owners to purchase islands instantly once enough reservations have been sold within the planned 65525 sq meters region.

Q – Are these islands already available? A – No, the BRC islands are planned spaces within the current 6 island resort estate, that can be purchased in advance of being placed, at the one time low offer of 10% above Linden land cost.

Q – How do you calculate the price? A – We purchase regions (islands) of approx 65,500 sq meters from Linden Labs for USD1,000, our ‘cost’ price. We then add 10% to that cost price, divide the islands up into reasonable parcel sizes and resell them through the Bishara Resort Club Reservation System for a Linden price and or US Dollar price, depending on your preference.

Q – How do I make a reservation of a parcel for this price? A – You simply go to the Bishara Island entrance hall where you will find an automated reservation system.  Look at the graphic representation of each of the new regions we will be placing, and right click on that space and select ‘Pay’ from the menu.  Once the reservation has been made you will receive a receipt that allows ou to redeem the space once the actual island has been purchased from the Lindens and placed.

Q – Can I resell my reservation? A – You can resell the reservation once it has been converted to actual land, in other words as soon as the Island has been purchased terraformed and landscaped.  Once that is done, you can do with it what you like.

Q – Can I use this land for anything? – You can use the land within the bounds set by the Bishara Resorts covenant, which is very open and liberal, but keeps a protective level for all residents to co-exist.

The advance reservation system for Bishara Resorts Club land parcels can be found inside the entrance hall to Bishara Island. IM Dumisani Ah anytime for more information.


2 Responses

  1. Land Barons are over their heads. I wish them luck reselling land they already overpaid on auctions just to annoy everyone while ruining the prospect of legitimate buyers for the region in the short term. It’s sad really.

  2. Many ‘Land Barons’ have redrawn in the end of 2007 and 2008. Most of them suffered loss of real US$ selling land in Bay City for which I am very glad.
    Making a profit seems acceptable for me, but overpaid greed is not my tea.
    Those who go over the top will vanish I’m sure.

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