Big day for Bisharians……

Aloha Bishara – It was a big day indeed for Bishara at the Neart Longboard Pro held at the West of Ireland estate. We had 3 riders in the semi-finals, 2 in the finals and those 2 on the podium!

ONeil Auer just narrowly missed the final after surfing great all day long. Quench Spotter and I managed to squeeze into the finals though and once there Quench was not to be denied! He surfed awesome and found himself with the gold cup in hand! I did´nt want him to get lonely up on the podium though so I surfed hard and grabbed second place and on his other flank, Christine Daffodil joined us front and center.

All in all a super result for Vibrations and Bishara! If ya see Q-man on the beach remember to high-five the guy, he deserves it 🙂

This coming weekend is Surf-Jam4 time so be sure to check out some awesome surfing action on the Epic at Majini starting at 11 SLT. Registration is limited to 20 Vibers so IM me ASAP if ya wanna ride!

Mahalo, /V


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