Dumi’s pants leads to an interesting chat in Second Life

Well, there I was this evening, logged into Second Life, innocently minding my own business, when BAM, I realized I was naked and ruth’ed. For the uninformed this means I had reverted back to the original avatar shape in Second Life, called Ruth, and sometimes when crazy things happen on the Second Life grid, residents revert to this shape. Hence the term ‘I’ve been Ruth’d’ 🙂 Well, normally I just edit my appearance and magically get my Duminess back, but this evening it just wouldn’t happen. Seems the new server version that was rolled out today may have messed up a bit more than just sound!

Anyway, just about the third attempt at a relog later I gave up and realized nothing was going to change. So I tried a group IM, and wonder of wonders, it actually worked this evening, one major kudo for LL there. I started IM-ing with the Bishara group just to do SOMETHING in SL since I went to all that trouble to get in, and wow, what a conversation followed. I won’t say too much, but my pants featured pretty hotly and I’m quite stunned at just how much conversation it generated. I think my pants is a better conversation point than anything I have tried before on Second Life. Of course, Tauri Tigerpaw featured pretty strongly in the conversation about my pants…

VW, bro, you gotta see the history of this group IM soon, coz someone shared some pretty interesting things with the rest of us about YOUR pants 🙂
So, back to the group IM – I just want to thank everyone who kept me sane during that conversation. IM lag, ruthy and nakedness aside, you all made this evening quite memorable for me! To anyone who has not tried IM-ing a group and just having a friendly, albeit sometimes censored, conversation, try it! Don’t spam though! And to my pants, please come home soon!


2 Responses

  1. HAHAHAHA!!!
    Nothing like waking up Ruthed, naked, bald and with your sandals up your butt to get a good conversation going! Sorry I missed it but then all that laughter and I would have pulled a muscle anyway.

    Hmmmm, my pants U say. Wonder if the word “Tequilla” was in that story?

  2. Dumi – your pants just came back from the cleaners…where do you want them???

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