Can someone help me leave comments on

So after trying to leave 17 comments over the past three weeks on I am about to give up.  This morning and yesterday I left several comments to some pretty cool posts from Torley Linden, only to have none of them pop up.  Possibly something causes my posts, previously successful, now to be called spam?  Weird times.  I guess I will have to comment on his work from way over here on Bishara’s blog 😉


2 Responses

  1. My gosh! (Thanks to Katt for pointing me here.) Sorry things sucked so bad for you, as you know by now on my blog, I freed your comments… I didn’t see as many as 17 and I check the spam filter every week, but your most recent are there.

    Again, SO SORRY for the awkwardness. And thanks for sharing your thoughts. =)

  2. Hey Torley, I have so many apologies from you between this site and the other I am really feeling bad now 😉 But thank you for taking the time out to write this.
    I traced the comments on my side and I think I made a few mistakes with the submissions, explaining why I rewrote almost every comment I left, hence the 17 in 3 weeks comment 😉 Your Turing gadget fools me with some of the fonts it uses and even though it looks like I have submitted a comment, I realized this morning that the page error only shows in small red text at the top of your comments page, clearly something I missed several times. So I moderate the number officially to 4 🙂 and add a warning to other over 40’s to take special care of our reading glasses when copying down Torley’s Turing code 🙂

    Hey, and welcome to our blog, Torley. We’ll have to put up that special watermelon statue now instead of the dolphins we used before 😉

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