Real growing fruit crops in Second Life

Well, as close as we can get!

At Bishara Resorts we have just launched our first Bishara Orchard product, the Bishara Melon Tree, at It sells for L$500 a tree and is full copy.

The melons start growing the moment you rezz the tree or ‘reset the scripts in selection’, and they will grow to maturity every DAY (they dont grow at night as they need sunlight) until they turn a glossy red. They continue to grow until they start to rot, turning a nice greyish rotten color of course, and there after they drop from the tree and rot away. As soon as they drop a new fruit grows in place of the rotten one. A nice ongoing crop of melons, growing from a tree no less 🙂

The Bishara Orchard product range is made by Dumisani Ah for the support of the Resort and its activities and charities. Please feel free to IM for the scripts as I have made them free for use so that anyone who wishes can try their hand at Second Life fruit farming 🙂 Or buy the finished product at the above SLURL.


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