Surf-Jam 5 is in the books…..

Aloha Bishara!

Yesterdays contest is history and what a contest it was!

OK, it was a marathon, sorry. We were a little short-handed and things move slowly when we are short on staff, but……….it was SICK!!!! The best Surf-Jam so far, scores in the semis and finals pushing the 17´s and all 3 podium finishers with 16+ scores, WOOOOOOT!

When the spray cleared we saw Pova standing on the top step of the podium, Quench at number 2 and  Canadian surfer Wilfrid DeCuir on the 3rd place posie. Desne joined her man in the finals and finished P4.

16 surfers came out and 16 surfers ripped the place apart all day long, congrats to you all! Very special thanks to Lissa for putting up with, er, helping us (me), thanks Liss 🙂


PS, Heat scores from the event are posted on SurfWatch


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