Do any of the Lindens surf?

And I mean on water, virtual or otherwise? I’m wondering that since I am truly convinced the surfing community is one of the most amazing communities in SL, and yet we see so little Linden presence or interest in it. I’ve seen Lindens check out the tinies, the furries, and Gorians, and whoever else out there seems some sort of organised bunch of residents, but I have yet to meet a Linden who knows an inkling of the surfing community.

Few people know that surfing in SL was the first grid wide organized sport, thanks to the SLSA (SL Surfing Association). Few know that the whole community serves new residents and surfers with fantastic grace and friendly advice, free of any charge, collar or ties 😉 Few know that the surf product designers are some of the most fantastic SL engineers around, especially when physics are involved. Few outside this community know these things and I am sure there are many other standout wonders that come out of this community, that others can add here.
And yet, no one has ever seen a Linden try this out, have a surf, and see what the community is all about. How about we get one Linden to visit us more regularly, to check out our community for more than just an hour or two, or hey, even surf so well we can induct them into the Hall of Fame WOOOOTTTTT!

Is this a challenge? You bet! Come on, Linden Lab, show us whose not chicken, and come and try out the EPIC waves on Majini Island and show us just how amazing those surfing talents are! O, and hey, if you suck like I do, I promise we’ll still treat you just the same and we’ll even throw in a few lessons with VW Sands for free, as they always are 🙂

Posted by Second Life Resident Dumisani Ah.


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