Wimbi Island surfing – Are you good enough?

Hey Bisharians!  Ever tried traveling over from Majini to Wimbi lately?  Here’s a suggestion, travel over to the Mangrove beach area and rezz your board to launch from there.  Paddle over to the pipelines and have a surf… but what’s this? You’re bang into the rocks and get blocked?  Hehehe, o yes, this is phase one of the changes at Wimbi Island’s surf layout.  We’re making a surf adventure that is basically more like real life surfing.  Once complete, you will need to watch for various things in the wave run that could affect the way you surf or injure you too.  Wimbi has damage switched on for a reason 🙂

So for now, phase 1, we have only rezzed the blockers so that you can try and learn to develop that essential overview during a surf that you need to not get affected or caught by these natural dangers 🙂  Let us know your experiences – comment right here and lets hear what you wish improved!


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