Want to join our management team?

Hi Bisharians,

We have several things that need done from time to time on the resort that we’re simply not getting to because of the workload we have.  Here are some examples of what we need done, and if you think you can help, please drop either VW Sands or myself a notecard in-world or email me at dumisani AT secondlabs.com:

  1. New website – we need a new designed site that has more participation from fellow Bisharians than the current WordPress blog.  Any ideas to achieving this, maybe with a nice Web2.0 app like an open source CMS perhaps?
  2. A resident mole – we need a mole in Bish that can go around and help me finish off the general landscaping like edging the pathways I built ages ago, bettering some of the textures and adding foliage where appropriate.  Also our diving spots need to be finished off, though I try from time to time to edge closer to perfection 😉
  3. Accountant – We need help!!! We need to check that the rentals and tiers on the resorts are indeed able to carry as much of the resort’s activities as possible. Currently my subsidy to the whole project is huge, more than 75% and it is getting very tough to support continuously without the hope of a break-even point soon.  Please let me have your ideas and assistance to get this working better for us all.
  4. Events – I have asked several people and had several volunteer for this in the past, but unsuccessfully. We have had very little regular activity on the resorts, other than VW’s fantastic surfing activities and Lissa Pinion’s wonderful fishing adventures (great comps too).  We have a 6 island resort with no activities other than those two, WOW, I’m stumped at what to do here and hope some of you will have ideas.

Well, that’s just an initial list of things we would love to do in Bish.  Any new ones? Just communicate them through to me or VW or Lissa anytime.




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