Congratulations to our fave new married couple !!!

Hey Bisharians, join me in a toast and surf to our own VW Sands and Lissa Pinion who have become hitched today!  Wow, Wimbi Island will never be the same again!  All I can say is this must be one event in SL and RL I regret the most I could not attend.  However I can make a HUGE issue out of it to a point of absolutely embarrassing them 🙂  Hehe, so when you see them you may wish to hand out a huge smootchy kiss and or handshake to them both!  Also I can officially call this Saturday, the 16th of August, Crazy Day, erghmm I mean SandsPinion Day or SP Day or VWissa Day or LVW Day for short. Ok, maybe someone has a better idea for a name?

My best wishes to you both, VW & Lissa!


3 Responses

  1. Lol Dumi i have one to add to your list.. How about. “The Day The Islands Smiled” Congrats VW and Lissa!! Let the lov live for eons! Bless ya both :))

  2. Thank you so very much Dumi!

    Both V and I wish you were able to make it but we understand. You will just have to get us a really BIG gift to make up for it!! hehe…just kidding! We know you are with us in thought and spirit.


  3. As it turns out – HE MADE IT!!!
    Thanks Dumi for sharing the day with us and for everything you do for us all at Bishara Resorts.

    No greater gift than your presence 🙂

    PS: If you find a chest under Munch Bay with a bazillion L in it, it´s mine.

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