OK so Surf-Jam 6 was…..ummmm…..SICK!!!!

In the closest, hardest fought and BEST Surf-Jam so far, Colleen Brennan RAWKED all day long to grab the top step on the podium! Congrats Col!! To her left and just a few fractions under her score we found Crusader Arado in second spot and on her right taking third place Bon Bon Chenaux!

Thankyou all for giving us some incredible surfing to watch!

The after-comp festivities were nothing less than par with the high quality surfing earlier and Tauri Tigerpaw sung and played for us, rasing over 10.000L! Not a bad way to open Boardies! Our special thanks to Tauri for DONATING both her time and bunches of L to the resort.

Until next time, paddle hard.



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