Chigadee London is the Bishara Resort Activities Manager and manages all the entertainment, event and activities other than sailing and surf related. On the Resort there are MANY things to do, most are completely free. We will be listing these and upcoming events for you right here on this section of the blog.


2 Responses

  1. Hi ;
    please send me the location of Bishara island.

  2. Hi Bishara 😉

    The island is found in Second Life, a 3D world on the Internet can be viewed using a special downloadable program. If you have that installed already and you are familiar with the Second Life environment, my apologies. I tend to start from the beginning with everyone 😉

    If you open the viewer and log into Second Life, open the SEARCH tool and type in Bishara Island. It will show you the spot on the virtual map and you can teleport to it directly.

    One point of interest – though the names there share some similarity to Arabic it is in fact Swahili dirivitives we used to name the islands as my best friends in Africa are Swahili 😉

    The correct Swahili pronounciation differs a little from Bishara and should be spelled Bashara, but the ‘i’ sounded better to me and I used Bishara instead, like your name.

    Best regards,


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