Newbie Club

Hi everyone, welcome to Bishara Resorts and Second Life. This page on our blog is dedicated to the new residents of Second Life who have managed to find their way to Bishara Resorts’s islands. We wish to welcome you all warmly and inform you that we have a special program for you here. At the entrance to Bishara Island we have a kiosk full of great goodies for you for free. It requires you to join the Bishara group only because we wish to keep communicating with you in the future.

By joining the Bishara group you join our family in the islands, and you will find some wonderful activities and classes and assistance in anything and everything. If you want to learn more or know more about our program, contact Lissa Pinion, our friendly newbie manager.

Now a quick list of tips that will help you a LOT in Second Life:

  • Never buy just anything – look carefully at your inventory – EVERYTHING in there is YOURS. I know it seems obvious to some, but many have asked me in the past and I think it is worth mentioning right here. Many ‘L$1’ stores or business-in-a-box sellers or men’s/women’s-clothes-in-a-box sellers or others sell you products that you either already own a copy of or you can get for free from truly free freebie stores. In SL never ever impulse buy! You’ll save a fortune if you just take your time and search for what you want.
  • Join a group with many members as soon as possible as it is the easiest place to find free advice. Don’t spam the group’s chat lines, but find someone in the group member’s list and ask them about something you are unsure of. In the Bishara group you are WELCOME to ask anything you wish of anyone there, and you are WELCOME to ask this in the CHAT line of that group as long as it is NOT advertising, abusive or mature statements.
  • Now a little secret about groups – after you join, for example the Bishara group, you need to open the group tags – you can do this by right-clicking on yourself and selecting groups. Then you will see a list of group names that will have one in BOLD letters. This list contains all the groups you are a member of and you can only have 25 groups in this list. The BOLD group name will be the name that is shown above the head of your avatar where you see your name too. This is called the ACTIVE group and you will notice that there is a little menu just to the right of this group list where you can do several things, including CHAT, INFO and so on. Now double click on the Bishara group with your mouse or select the Bishara group and then click on INFO. It should open up another little menu that relates only to the selected group, in this case the Bishara group. Here is where things get interesting. In this menu you will first find the general information about the group, its mission statement or covenant and its members list. In this group menu for example you can find out what rights you have within the group you selected, for example if you can make objects appear (rezz objects) or if you can ‘ban’ other residents (avatars) and so on. It is important for you to understand your role and rights within the groups you are a member of. One very tricky bit is that you can be charged money for belonging to a group, a hidden cost many residents and especially new residents like yourself, are caught with. Make sure you do not have GROUP LIABILITIES active in your group settings. Groups can own things, like land and objects, or they can operate or manage land or objects. The difference between assigning something to a group and deeding something to a group is mainly financial, so be careful with this. In Bishara Resorts, ALL the islands are deeded to the Bishara group, which to you means you can have special privileges within the resort as a group member. Its good for you to know this. For example the islands may state that for normal visitors (non-group members) no one can fly, everyone has to walk. However, within the Bishara group member’s privileges it may state that members can fly regardless. Small things like this make a difference to your experience. Finally, groups have lots of conditions and rules and things, as well as privileges and benefits, and one of them is that you can go to the NOTICES portion of Bishara Group for example and look for past notices where there are often ‘freebies‘ hidden by the notice author. Recently for example Dumisani Ah sent out a notice containing a fruit growing tree that was free to Bishara group members. By joining the group you now can find that old notice and retrieve this freebie for yourself too. So get the hang of groups, use Bishara group as your testing ground and learn learn learn.
  • Never ever pay money (Linden$ or Lindens) to anything without first making sure that the object you are paying the money to is a proper product vendor (a device that displays and sells a product) or a proper charity terminal (check with the sim owners and management if you are unsure) or a proper Second Life web site vendor like SLExchange’s vendors in-world. Don’t pay orbs (spheres) or objects that seem to be hanging around anywhere or that has an owner that seems different to all the other vendors owner name. Be careful, just like you would in Real Life (RL).
  • Be curious, not stupid 🙂 One of the funnest things to do in Second Life is to travel and see the world. Man, there is no more fun for me that to browse browse browse. I just love seeing the world and what people have done in it. However I am also cautious and I would advise you to be the same. Don’t let just anyone slap an object on you, like a collar – pleazzzeeee – find out what these things are first before getting caught up with a person or group that ends up forcing you into a direction or choice you are not comfortable with. In Bishara, no one has that right, so IM any of the managers in the group and complain if you feel threatened or ask information prior to making a decision.
  • Learn to make something yourself – I can promise you there is NOTHING as satisfying than trying something new and succeeding in making it work. In Bishara Resorts there are several FREE product stores in the Bishara Lanes top floor that will help you learn scripts (lsl is the scripting language we use in SL) and learn how to build or design or texture. You can even find free homes there to rezz or build in your own parcel or land piece. Bishara and its islands are all newbie friendly places where you can ask and ask and ask and we will try our level best to help you.
  • Do NOT leave objects of yours lying around our world please – if you dont want something anymore, select it in your inventory using the right-hand mouse button and select ‘delete’ from the little menu that pops up. We FROWN on people who leave their junk for us to clean up! If you wish to do this or you just can’t help yourself open SEARCH in your Second Life viewer and search for ‘sandbox’ – these are areas where you can drop stuff and it will automatically delete after a while or return to your inventory.
  • And some quick terms to know and understand:
    1. Avatar – hey, thats’s you in-world – the character you see on the screen with your name above it, and with a group name if you have one selected.
    2. Residents – are what we call all the avatars who exist in Second Life.
    3. Newbie or N00b – is what people call a resident who has just arrived, though I use it to describe myself with certain things in SL, like I consider myself a scripting n00b 😉
    4. Mainland – the main area where you may have arrived into Second Life and where the Lindens are king – you can easily check this by right click on land anywhere and selecting About Land – it will show you who is the Governor – for the mainland this used to be Philip Linden, but now should read M Linden. For private regions this would be the original owner of the region, like Dumisani Ah in the Bishara islands. You need to know these things because if you need help you need to know where to go to, for mainland problems the ultimate contact will always be a Linden when you find you are not being helped by the owner of the land you are on, and on a private region you will need to contact the private owner as the Lindens do not have governor rights there. The rules may also be different between the mainland and private regions.
    5. Regions are normally approx 65,500 sq meters in size and can be found on the mainland or as ‘islands’ or ‘sims’ on the Second Life Grid.
    6. Estate – is what we call a collection of regions, could be one or many regions within an estate. In Bishara most islands belong to the Bishara Resorts estate.
    7. Sim – is what we call simulators, the program that actually runs the ‘region’ on a Linden Labs computer in their server room. Normally there are up to 4 simulators running on one server or computer.
    8. Prim – stands for ‘primitive’ and it is base objects residents use in SL to make things with, and you can access this through your build menu (just select Ctrl 4 as a short cut).
    9. Lag – is the latent delays (slowdown) in actions or screen updates or keystrokes that you may experience from time to time due to many factors. Quite often you can improve the performance of your own client side by sticking to some basic rules. I will post some in the future, but there are good pointers on the Second Life web site, forum and blog, as well as many other blogs and web sites.
    10. Drift – is the shifting objects problem that sometimes shows itself in Second Life. This may cause a house to develop a crack between two wall prims or objects, or can be especially annoying when during the making of something it causes the objects to rotate .005 more or less than what you set them to. This happens in busy times on SL.
    11. Assets and asset servers – everything you see and make and say and chat and IM and delete and move and so on is kept on a Linden Labs database somewhere, and it is an asset to you and to Second Life. So the servers or computers that host or keep these databases sometimes have a hard time keeping up with everyone when there are 60,000 plus residents in the world at any one time. This often then leads to asset server problems where after a while everyone gets logged off so that the Lindens can find and fix the asset problem that causes the weird effects in world, like disappearing objects, or objects that do not appear when you drag them out of your inventory, and so on.
    12. More to come soon…

One of the very best informative new residents posts I have read is the newest posted on the Second Life blog, called ‘16 new quick tips to enlighten your second life‘ by Torley Linden, my favorite Linden by far. Read this post and watch the video clips for some very good tips to life in SL.


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