Firstly think of signing up for our surf group at SLP

Bishara is all about the sea, surf and island living, with a heavy lean towards surfing fun! On Bishara you will find 6 islands, of which 3 are dedicated surfing sims (simulators or islands). Each of these focus on a slightly different aspect of wave life, and all are populated with either pipes, fluffies or epic waves, leaving you with LOTS of choice.

Each of these wave types come with scripted interactive features as long as you use a Heather Goodliffe scripted surfboard or windsurfer. The controls are easy to learn, but takes practice to perfect, the result of which may end up with getting you into one of many surf competitions in Second Life. To see how its done, drop by Majini island and IM VW Sands or Robin Choche for some free lessons in using the boards and surfing the waves. Many vendors exist on the beaches of Bishara to help you with any choice of board or outfit that you wish, and once confident enough take a go at any of the three islands.

Majini Island is our most popular island because it features the EPIC 3 wave, the first in Second Life, and a monster of a wave that will scare the pixels off your frame! Majini Island sits just south of Bishara Island in the resort, and you can rezz your board at a pre assigned spot on the beach to try out the surf. If you are a member of the Bishara Resorts group, then you can rezz your equipment anywhere you like on the beach.

Pepo Island is the most beautiful surfing sim around, though very different from others in Second Life. The island sim is a night surfing spot, and its at midnight that you will enjoy the most surreal surfing ever as our phosphorous waves light the way for you. Pipes and fluffies are the waves here, but each have been modified by Heather and Poid. Pepo Island is just east of Majini Island, and you can set your time to midnight when you get there. Take a surf and see just what these ‘modifications’ are all about 🙂

Wimbi Island is the first surfing adventure in Second Life, with the island being turned into somewhat of a different surfing experience. With rocks and sharks to dodge during phase 1 of its development, the island already offers some amazing surfing with its fluffies and pipes, and guarantees a long and fun ride for anyone. The hideout on Mangrove island offers some solace and the views remain spectacular!

We are supported in-world by these fantastic product designers whom all have stores or vendors in the Bishara Resorts:

Lolly Custom Beachwear


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