This section is dedicated to something close to my heart in RL too, the Bishara Reef. Since the very beginning of my experience in SL I too enjoyed the ‘wow’ factor of the rich graphic environment offered to us, its residents, and quickly realized that we should look to using this beautifully done environment to introduce some conservation ideas from RL as well. I love the sea, having grown up near the ocean, and the reefs are simply amazing to me. In SL as with other mediums, reefs are often attempted and offer virtual beauty that leaves the viewer amazed. From Pixar’s Finding Nemo to Bishara’s Reef, virtual representation of reefs offer the unique opportunity to educate, and it is this feature in Bishara that I am most excited about.

We are spending a lot of Lindens trying to enhance the look and sound of the sea around Bishara and the reef under it, and we are inviting you to come and dive them, and tell us about your experiences. We have many animals and fish there now and along with the aquarium under the Bishara Shopping Centre, must have one of the largest private collections in Second Life. We hope you will take the time to leave us some idea of what you experienced there and how you think we can improve it even further, as we are only just starting.

You may notice also that I am implying RL participation as well, and this is true. We are trying to bring into the project at Bishara for advice initially, and there after to use as the RL platform for introducing residents to the actual reefs in our beautiful RL world. I am adamant that this must be our ultimate focus for projects in Second Life in general and in Bishara specifically, and the reef is my first attempt at lightly educating people of the beauty and wonder of RL reefs, and also of the threat to their future existence. I hope that through your participation in-world and your comments here that you too will join us in this effort and that we will soon see some RL success directly or indirectly as a result of this project of ours. In fact if you have such successes please tell us about them here.

If you have any other ideas regarding similar topics, please let us know and we will see how we can accommodate them in Bishara Life and on Bishara Island.


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