Bishara Resorts offers many many diving areas where serious SL scuba divers and fun-loving first-timers can all enjoy a satisfying dive. All our islands are developed or are being developed with dive-able reef and areas of underwater beauty. In fact our sims support REEF.org, the premiere reef protection agency in RL in an effort to tie together the SL and RL underwater experiences and give it some purpose as part of our edutainment efforts.

Though there are now many places in SL vying for bragging rights Bishara Island was one of the first with a dive-able grotto in all of SL, and one of a very few free and open diving sims during 2007. Many have since come to SL and commercial diving organizations and serious divers have practically taken over the ‘diving scene’ in SL. We do not subscribe to this ‘organized’ effort at all and choose to allow all residents, no matter how inexperienced a diver, to have fun on Bishara. Three of the islands in the resort group have very dive-able reef areas with LOTS of sea-life, dolphins, whales and more, mostly fully scripted and animated, and adding to the general wonder of the underwater experience of the resort.

All three these islands (Bishara, Mandhari and Bahati Islands) have Sub Stations, where you can rezz your own submersible and have a fantastic vehicle based dive through all the tunnel-connected bay’s and grottos and caverns in the resort. When you reach a spot where you want to get off, just select Standup on the bottom of the viewer screen and the sub will automatically derezz.

We have many different scuba and diving gear manufacturers represented throughout the resort and you are most welcome to pick a vendor and select your gear to purchase from any of them. The resort also offers a guided diving tour that specifically travels throughout the resort with chat comments at points of interest throughout the tour. The tour is interactive in that the points of interest may include triggered actions on the part of some underwater event, adding to your overall fun experience. The jump off for this tour is at the Bishara Dive Shop on Bishara Island.

Although Munch Bay became famous as the first shark invested bay in SL where sharks actually chased swimmers, we now have shark all over the resort, some still dangerous, some pretty docile and all stunning from close up.

We have purposely not rezzed underwater areas in Majini, Pepo and Wimbi Islands as they are specifically for surface activities (on-water) and we wish to ensure the waves run with the least amount of lag.

IM Dumisani Ah or VW Sands for any diving assistance.


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