Welcome to Bishara’s blog pages, where the latest news about our sims and their development are published. Bishara Resorts is a project of SecondLabs, Dumisani Ah’s creative group for the development of Second Life projects with a real world conservation edge. The Resort currently consists of 6 sims:

Bishara Island Logo
Bishara Island, our environmental and commercial sim, where you can dive, surf, sun, lounge, golf, bowl, and generally turf out on shopping in our mall. This was our very first sim in Second Life, a month after joining SL for the first time 🙂

Bahati Island Logo
Bahati Island, our very first residential / commercial sim, where residents own private islands amongst the beautiful Bishara reefs, teeming with sealife. If you are interested in living here, but cannot afford the current land prices, Bahati Apartments are open for rent and you are most welcome to live here for L$200 per week, at 200 prims per apartment.

Mandhari Island Logo
Mandhari Island, our first privately designed sim by Jackson Mulberry, forms the volcanic centre of the Resort and is a residential sim only. Come and live in a volcanic crater, see the beautiful developing reef, and and have some first hand experience sailing the sailing course around the island.

Majini Island Logo
Majini Island means in the water, and here you will find EPIC 3 waves by Heather Goodliffe. Come and surf the best waves in Second Life and enjoy living on the edge! Currently the premiere island surfing location in Second Life with the wave running the full sim, and the sim itself is a full specification class 5 sim, not a void.

The latest two islands have now been added as well, WOOOOTTTTT (May 2008)

PEPO Island or the Island of Winds is our premiere windsurfing sim with fluffies and pipes, as well as the very first unbelievable night surfing sim in Second Life, with phosphorous waves and beautiful colors to surf on. You have to see this to believe this!

WIMBI Island or the Island of Waves is our adventure surfing sim with some exciting options to your standard surfing day in SL 🙂 Come and try your luck with our fluffies and pipes.

Generally the resort was designed to draw SL residents to the wonders of the sea and to realize just how amazing RL’s own reefs can be. We support REEF.ORG through a marketing program in-world, even though we do not have any direct connection with them. They are a fantastic conservation organization with a small budget and team taking on the huge task of preserving the non-coral reefs of the world, as well as their original focus, reservation through global fish counting exercises. Log onto their website for more info.

Come and enjoy our world! Most of the activities are completely free, and join the Bishara group if you need to use our equipment on the beach. For bowling there is a L$20 fee per play, but L$10 is paid back to you for a good set of frames, and you stand to win the pooled reward for each lane! Golf is subject to SL physics, but stick to learning how to play and the game will be most rewarding.

Be my guest, in a Resort where island living comes with style!



Who is Dumisani Ah? In RL his name is Johan de Lange, husband of one wife, father to a beautiful baby boy!


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