Obviously, the main activity on bishara is surfing… But the area is also a very good spot for sailing in small boats, as the following pictures show:

Flying Fizz going around Mandhari IslandFlying Fizz going around Mandhari Island

Flying Fizz at majiniFlying Fizz at majini

RSiX in the pipe on Wimby island

Snapshot_393.pngRSiX Zipping over towards Majini

Snapshot_019A BeachCat and the setting sun…

Snapshot_014That was close… a BeachCat too close to the waves…

Photo credits: Yuukie Onmura (2), Lance Corrimal (2), LapisLazuli Tomorrow (2)

So, what does it take to sail here?

  • a small boat, such as the tako, the fizz, or the beach cat, or a RS:X or RSiX Windsurfer. The small trudeau boats, such as the sojourner or the sea sharp, work quite well, too.
  • (optional) Membership in the SL Sailing Association, so that you can use the start line and windsetter on Mandhari Island.

Sometime in the near future there will be official races on Bishara; until then, come and try the mandhari short hotlaps course, it starts at the start line at the mouth of the mandhari island laguna, and consists of a simple lap clockwise around the island… current best time in a fizz is 1:44 minutes…


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