This is top secret, but we just had to post it here. We think we may have proof that the Lindens are not a myth, but are actually real!  We have never found such a strong case for the affirmative, though Mulder and Sculley are still investigating the actual event, but we just feel we need to get this out to you all asap.  The following is an extract, secretly copied today, of a concierge conversation in-world that I was personally privy to:

——- Transcript 02 july 2008 (Wednesday) ——–

[9:06]  Jack Linden: ah the crowbar, what a great bar that was
[9:07]  KatanaBlade Anubis: hehe hey jack 🙂
[9:07]  Tamara Pippen: jack where doyou guys hang out for lunch
[9:07]  Alliez Mysterio: Jacks back 🙂 Hi
[9:07]  Christos Atlantis: Hello Jack
[9:07]  Lucifer Baphomet: hey jack.. met Flip last week.. he was over here in Scotland. was well cool
[9:07]  Jack Linden: there isn’t really a ‘place’ as such any more. though that whole area is full of good food
[9:07]  Alliez Mysterio: Tamara if you could meet one Linden which one would it be?
[9:08]  Tamara Pippen: one in product development
[9:08]  Lucifer Baphomet: id meet alexa.. shes hawt 😛
[9:08]  Tamara Pippen: i think it would be cool to find out what they have for the future
[9:08]  KatanaBlade Anubis: jack hangs out in some bar in the UK lol sure he wouldnt mind a visit if u want to pay for the flight 😛
[9:08]  Tamara Pippen: i bet
[9:08]  Alliez Mysterio: lol
[9:09]  Alliez Mysterio: I could never meet Jack, would not hear a thing he said, only that accent
[9:09]  Tamara Pippen: lol
[9:09]  Alliez Mysterio: lol
[9:09]  Tamara Pippen: i would not mind going back home
[9:09]  Tamara Pippen: im british too
[9:09]  Tamara Pippen: just live in usa
[9:09]  Alliez Mysterio: ohhh how nice
[9:09]  KatanaBlade Anubis: hey i used to call customer support just to hear his accent on the recording its sexah!
[9:09]  Jack Linden: beer is much warmer here.  🙂
[9:10]  Lucifer Baphomet: you in the brighton office jack?
[9:10]  Alliez Mysterio: i like warm beer
[9:10]  Nber Medici: JACK!!!
[9:10]  Jack Linden: no, i’m further north than brighton.  up where it gets hilly and people eat pies
[9:11]  Lucifer Baphomet: ey up lad.. ow art thou
[9:11]  Jack Linden: you sond positively local Lucifer
[9:11]  Jack Linden: *sound
[9:11]  Lucifer Baphomet: further north here
[9:11]  Alliez Mysterio: Maybe you know each other
[9:12]  Tamara Pippen: jack, who do i need to contact to make a visit to the head office in san francisco
[9:12]  KatanaBlade Anubis: dont tell! Tam is going to spike the punch!
[9:12]  Wrestling Hulka: Pippen, send a singing telegram ^^
[9:13]  Jack Linden: 🙂  Tamara, we don’t do tours as such, so i’m not sure.
[9:13]  Lucifer Baphomet: just turn up with a prim baby at the door, and say you want philip to pay support
[9:13]  Alliez Mysterio: lol
[9:13]  Harmony Linden puts up glass walls with “Do Not Feed The Lindens” signs.
[9:13]  KatanaBlade Anubis: lmao
[9:13]  Dumisani Ah: ROFL
[9:14]  Patch Linden eats a hole in the glass wall
[9:14]  Jack Linden: we wouldn’t want the Oompaloompas disturbed.
[9:14]  Harmony Linden: shhh, Jack, you weren’t supposed to talk about the Oompaloompas!
[9:15]  Alliez Mysterio: be nice
[9:15]  ladina Fauna: I see Lindens!
[9:15]  Wrestling Hulka: *perks*
[9:15]  Christos Atlantis: I hippo tried to kill my horse, keep away from them please! 😉
[9:15]  Dumisani Ah: with those fake tans I always thought they were British 🙂
[9:15]  Tamara Pippen: ah so thats the secret huh?
[9:15]  Harmony Linden: No you don’t!  Nothing to see here.  Move along, move along.
[9:15]  Alliez Mysterio: hey I have oompa and loompa sims
[9:15]  ladina Fauna: yes, i see lindens!
[9:16]  Lucifer Baphomet: ok 3 lindens here … last server upgrade i hoticed you nerfed the control undead ability for anti-palladins.. will there be a patch to fix that, or was it intentional
[9:16]  Lucifer Baphomet: and shouldnt i have an epic mount by now?
[9:16]  ladina Fauna: i want to go visit them too
[9:16]  Melody Regent: you will scare them away Lucifer!
[9:16]  KatanaBlade Anubis: u dont really see lindens, its a recording
[9:17]  Christos Atlantis: Lucifer please refer to the WOW chanel 😛
[9:17]  Lucifer Baphomet: NECK ATTACHMENTS……….
[9:17]  Dumisani Ah: Sheez, Luci, and I thought I had problems
[9:17]  Alliez Mysterio: invaded by  lindens, sweet
[9:17]  Harmony Linden: Intentional, Lucifer.  We’re onto your evil plan to take over the grid!
[9:17]  Wrestling Hulka: hand puppets
[9:18]  Lucifer Baphomet: alexa ratted me out.. didn’t she?
[9:19]  Dumisani Ah must go, but wanted to say ‘thanks Jack, Melody and Patch, yo completely broke my pacemaker, buts it good to be shocked every now and then’!
[9:20]  Melody Regent: ROTF
[9:20]  Taurus Harlan: i just put in a support ticket and u r keeping the lindens busy here….lol…..looks at the glass wall and stares….
[9:20]  Wrestling Hulka: *rides the chatlag waves*
[9:20]  Melody Regent: I will use a cattle prod next time
[9:20]  Selena Lowell: what did I miss?
[9:20]  Alliez Mysterio: We have company
[9:20]  Dumisani Ah: 1 dead, 7 wounded, and 3 Lindens
[9:21]  Lucifer Baphomet: harmony linden just collared wrestling, and he’s wearing silks now
[9:21]  Alliez Mysterio: he look adorable
[9:21]  Melody Regent: I WANT PICTURES OF THAT!!!!!
[9:21]  Taurus Harlan: lol
[9:21]  Wrestling Hulka: o.O
[9:21]  Melody Regent: Wtfg Harmony
[9:21]  Taurus Harlan: woot woot…harmony in silks
[9:21]  Harmony Linden just about snorted diet coke all over her keyboard.
[9:22]  Alliez Mysterio: rofl
[9:22]  Taurus Harlan: hahahaha
[9:22]  Melody Regent: no WRESTING is in silks Tau
[9:22]  Contessa Marquez: lmao
[9:22]  Christos Atlantis: lmao
[9:22]  Melody Regent hands Harmony a tissue
[9:22]  Melody Regent: for the COKE.  Hulka uses them for other things
[9:22]  Keira Linden passes Harmony some paper towels and a blanket
[9:23]  ladina Fauna: Thank you for the sparkles and reflective water
[9:23]  Wrestling Hulka: *passes Harmony some silk* o.O
[9:23]  ladina Fauna: and moving clouds
[9:23]  Christos Atlantis waves to Kiera
[9:23]  ladina Fauna: and amazing skies
[9:23]  Harmony Linden is so putting that in her profile.
[9:23]  ladina Fauna: can we have weather ?
[9:23]  Jadey Decosta: Lindens Gone Wild
[9:23]  Lucifer Baphomet: [9:23]  Wrestling Hulka: *passes Harmony some silk* o.O with downcast eyes…
[9:24]  Lucifer Baphomet: for gods sake try men
[9:24]  Alliez Mysterio: Lets get M Linden to visit also 🙂
[9:24]  Jadey Decosta: lol
[9:24]  Keira Linden waves back
[9:24]  Lucifer Baphomet: man
[9:24]  Lucifer Baphomet: when’s the branding ceremony?
[9:24]  Melody Regent wonders if we can get Philip new hair and M a set of silks as well
[9:25]  Taurus Harlan: lol
[9:25]  Wrestling Hulka: Someone should create a sculpty version of Philip’s hair so he can wear ^^
[9:26]  Alliez Mysterio: Lets have a Linden Silk party
[9:26]  Harmony Linden: Okay, you guys go ahead… we’ll catch up later…
[9:27]  Contessa Marquez: lol Philip does need a new makeover… lets get together, sit him in a chair and make him over… He would love tons of women all around him haha
[9:27]  Dumisani Ah: Maybe Harmony should just collar him as well?
[9:28]  Lucifer Baphomet: i thought Jean “BDSM” Linden already collared Philip
[9:28]  Dumisani Ah wonders if this could be a catfight coming?
[9:29]  Jessie Azure derails this chat about snorting Diet Coke and Linden BDSM to throw in a quick “Linden Appreciation Comment”.. “Big thanks! to the Second Life  Concierge team for always helping us all out when we need it. Though, SL needs more Kosmo Linden. One of the most friendly and helpful Concierge Lindens I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  Keep up the great work guys!”
[9:29]  Jessie Azure returns the chat back to the wild..
[9:29]  Jessie Azure adds: “Harmony, Spike and TJ rock too!”
[9:30]  ladina Fauna: ooo spike
[9:30]  ladina Fauna swoons
[9:30]  Jessie Azure: Ooer? 😛
[9:30]  Melody Regent raisesa brow and reaches over to Jessie “you have something on your nose there babes”
[9:30]  Harmony Linden snickers.  Spike’s the only Linden I know (besides Philip) that has groupies.  Unless… does Jack have groupies?
[9:30]  swaffette Firefly: yeah i’ll be jack’s groupie
[9:30]  Melody Regent loves her Spike
[9:30]  Dimentox Travanti: Yeah
[9:30]  Tamara Pippen: is getting closing in on linden labs – got several linden leads <Grins>
[9:31]  ladina Fauna: i didn’t know the Lindens really knew about us at all, Goreans.. do you know about us?
[9:31]  ladina Fauna: Jack has groupies
[9:31]  ladina Fauna raises her hand
[9:31]  Tamara Pippen: is stll trying <grins>
[9:31]  Dimentox Travanti: I am a harmony Fan!
[9:31]  Dimentox Travanti: and dee
[9:31]  Dimentox Travanti: and spike
[9:31]  ladina Fauna: we should have a groupie group
[9:31]  KatanaBlade Anubis: ok guys not like I am not enjoying the convo here, but its time for me to close this chat, cant concentrate with the spam anymore. Have fun though 🙂
[9:31]  Lucifer Baphomet: ive not seen dee in ages.. she taught me to read sim stats when i was a n00b
[9:32]  Dumisani Ah: Groupies, coke, BDSM…. Are you guys forming a rock band?
[9:32]  Tamara Pippen: has the personal cell phone number of one of the importland lindens <evil grin>
[9:32]  Dumisani Ah bids L$10!
[9:32]  Jessie Azure: Thanks Melody, but there’s nothing I’m trying to gain or achieve by saying that.. other than to simply give credit where credit is due. (ie: Concierge.)
[9:33]  Melody Regent: Dum?  I couldnt afford Spike when I tried to give $60,000L for him
[9:33]  Lucifer Baphomet: wait.. wait.. bub has groupies.. teh underwear models
[9:33]  Melody Regent: START THE BIDDING AT $100K
[9:33]  Melody Regent: (OOPS caps)
[9:33]  Taurus Harlan: i agree…i give Linden Concierge major credit..Harmony & Guy have come to my rescue a few times already!!
[9:34]  Dumisani Ah realizes he should aim for a cheaper bid and bids on Melody instead – L$20
[9:34]  Taurus Harlan: 25L
[9:34]  Gregory Wellman: L$21!
[9:34]  Dumisani Ah and starts running
[9:35]  Melody Regent tosses her glass of water at Dum
[9:35]  Dumisani Ah would like some ice with that please
[9:36]  Melody Regent: Hey, I know I give my fair shit to the Lindens, it is in my nature.  But I also know without them, I wouldnt be THROWING *tosses a few cubes* of virtual ice across the room at Dum
[9:37]  Dumisani Ah: hehehe, so true
[9:37]  Gregory Wellman agrees with Melody
[9:37]  Dumisani Ah: anyone have a snap then of Wrestler in silks? I thought that was on offer?
[9:38]  Melody Regent looks over at Greg.  “that why you only offered $21l?”
[9:38]  Gregory Wellman grins……. it’s all I have atm
[9:40]  Melody Regent: hey babe, I need a new, light colored, frecked redheaded skin for myself.  I got this two years ago.  What can ys do for me?  *winks*
[9:40]  Melody Regent: (awww hell, wrtong window)
[9:40]  Gregory Wellman: lmao
[9:40]  Harmony Linden mops up diet coke.  Again.
[9:40]  Christos Atlantis: -makes note- buy Mel a new skin for Christmas
[9:40]  Dumisani Ah lowers his bid to L$5
[9:40]  Gregory Wellman passes Harmony a few more tissues
[9:41]  Melody Regent: she may need a towel and surgery for her spewing problems
[9:41]  Harmony Linden: well, if you guys would just be a little less funny… hrm, but then I would hate my job, never mind.
[9:42]  Gregory Wellman isn’t even as old as Melody’s skin….
[9:42]  Contessa Marquez: lol
[9:42]  Contessa Marquez: boring?
[9:42]  Gregory Wellman hides
[9:42]  Melody Regent: its all about the trade offs
[9:42]  Taurus Harlan: lol
[9:43]  Selena Lowell: k, I would liek to know where the ones are NOW who complain about group chat in here…LOL…may I COPY this convo as evidence we ALL have fun from time to time
[9:43]  Dumisani Ah hands Harmony his son’s sipper cup
[9:43]  Gregory Wellman: lol
[9:44]  Melody Regent: HAHAHA
[9:44]  Dumisani Ah: no one will laugh, honestly
[9:44]  Melody Regent: I was thinking a bottle but that works better
[9:44]  Harmony Linden: … I think maybe I’ll just switch to a caffeine IV.  🙂
[9:44]  Contessa Marquez: lol I have never complained about group chat… I know where the X button is. Yea funny how Lindens have fun with us hu hehe.
[9:45]  Gregory Wellman does not complain, when it bothers me I close the chat. I like to have a break sometimes… so it’s nice to have some fun here
[9:45]  Melody Regent: OMG, I just TPd to one of my sims to see what the events staff was doing.  It LOOKS AMAZING
[9:45]  Melody Regent wipes a tear from her ye
[9:45]  Selena Lowell: If Abby were here, she would be yelled at..*TAKE IT TO IM*
[9:45]  Dumisani Ah thinks that was the cutest spam IM he has read in a long time 🙂
[9:45]  Christos Atlantis: I had a ye one time too Melody, but it ran away 😛
[9:46]  Melody Regent: I know, this is yours
[9:46]  Christos Atlantis: Don’t mind them Selena, most of us are cool and know how to use the x button, the x challanged ones are the problem
[9:47]  Gregory Wellman: so true
[9:47]  Selena Lowell: Im just saying…I dont see a single one complaining now….lol….wondering where they are…and why they are not complaining. I think its awesome to have a little fun inhere.
[9:48]  Dumisani Ah think its really becoz everyone is trying to count just how many Lindens were on this IM
[9:48]  Gregory Wellman: or maybe the x worked this time for them…. *grins*
[9:48]  Harmony Linden: None.  We’re figments of your imagination.
[9:49]  Gregory Wellman: I think I just saw a Linden!
[9:49]  Muli Basiat: true
[9:49]  Rrishanna Regina: then I have an awfully vivid imagination then…. =P
[9:49]  Rrishanna Regina: 🙂
[9:49]  Pituca FairChang: Hi Harmony!
[9:49]  Dumisani Ah: a sheeez, and I thought Melody said this coke is safe to drink!
[9:49]  Harmony Linden: Hey, isn’t that Elvis over there?
[9:49]  Christos Atlantis: lmao, you guy’s make it sound as if Linden’s where alien or some other race o.O
[9:49]  Pituca FairChang: Elvis is a Linden?
[9:49]  Taurus Harlan: he looks all shook up
[9:49]  Gregory Wellman: Elvis Linden….
[9:50]  Pituca FairChang: That is a scary thought
[9:50]  Stephen Howitt: search doesn’t find Elvis Linden :-/
[9:50]  Gregory Wellman: yet…….
[9:50]  Dumisani Ah: yep, you’ll see blue suede’s in at Linden Lab
[9:50]  Christos Atlantis: only with hair worse than Philip would be Elvis…lol
[9:50]  Gregory Wellman: lol
[9:51]  Pituca FairChang: Don’t touch Phillip’s AV, he is an original!
[9:51]  Rrishanna Regina: the question though would be….is it the young Elvis Linden or the fat overweight Elvis?
[9:51]  Contessa Marquez: thats so true … he is original lol
[9:51]  Abby Callisto: harmony….when U see philip or M…tell them to send me a bear please!
[9:52]  Christos Atlantis: Abby!
[9:52]  Pituca FairChang: Spangled boxers and all
[9:52]  Abby Callisto: WHUT
[9:53]  Pituca FairChang: LOL
[9:53]  Pituca FairChang: Hi Abby
[9:53]  Abby Callisto points to Dee Linden….SHE DID IT THIS TIME!
[9:54]  Dumisani Ah: Id think all you care about is if the hips are the same 😉
[9:54]  Pituca FairChang: Hi Abby
[9:54]  Dumisani Ah: im lag’s killing me, sorry folks, either that or the coke’s destroyed my brain already
[9:54]  Harmony Linden: Abby, I don’t see them.  I live on the opposite side of the country from them.  🙂
[9:54]  Abby Callisto: oh sure…NOW i get chat errors..
[9:54]  Gregory Wellman thinks Abby should take the convo to IM….. ^^
[9:54]  Abby Callisto: hey Pituca!!
[9:55]  Gregory Wellman: hmmmm…. chat lag….. and errors…. 😦
[9:55]  Abby Callisto: well when you see them in world….hogtie them and tell them abby said this was a hold up……sne dher the bears and nobody gets hurt  o.O
[9:55]  Dee Linden: hey, they aren’t spangled, they’re bedazzled!
[9:55]  Dumisani Ah: she actually collars lately, or thats what I heard
[9:55]  Gregory Wellman hands Abby a bear
[9:56]  Gregory Wellman does not want to be collared… that’s why he handed over the bear
[9:56]  Abby Callisto: how ya doing greg
[9:56]  Dee Linden: but I collared you last month, Gregory… I’m just so gentle about it that you didn’t notice =)
[9:56]  Contessa Marquez: ROFL
[9:56]  Abby Callisto: !!!!OO!!!! DEE !!!!!!!!!!!!
[9:56]  Gregory Wellman wondered why I had problems moving….
[9:56]  Dumisani Ah: sheeez, Dee too, and I thought it was Harmony doing that!
[9:57]  Dee Linden: I do it on Harm’s days off (we make her take them occasionally)
[9:57]  Contessa Marquez: WOO HOO glad to see some Lindens have that kinkiness in them hahaha
[9:57]  Abby Callisto: good hting your not a doberman greg.,..she;d muzzle you
[9:57]  Gregory Wellman: so it was not lag then…….
[9:58]  Christos Atlantis: did I hear Kink?
[9:58]  Dumisani Ah strikes that X as fast as his newly created awesome Star Wars phaser can reach!
[9:58]  Gregory Wellman: so when I lag to a halt I know Dee collared me again…
[9:58]  Dee Linden grins
[9:58]  Contessa Marquez: well at least you got this all figured out now Gregory haha
[9:59]  Dumisani Ah remembers though that his mock collar anti-collar device will ward off any evil and relaxes again with Harmony’s coke… in another sipper just in case
[9:59]  Gregory Wellman nods……. I feel so much better!
[9:59]  Abby Callisto covers her innocent eyes …collars…kink….WHATTA GROUP!!!    (I LOVE IT)
[9:59]  Contessa Marquez: Its great !!!!
[9:59]  Abby Callisto: /wonders where margaux is today


Now we have made this known we dont know how long we’ll still be around.  We may not make it through the night, but we just had to get this news out.  Are they real?  You’ve seen the evidence, you make your own conclusion.


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