Bisharian fauna and flora… thats plant and animal life :)

Hi, well well well, my first creation has finally seen the light in BETA!  Take a look at this fruit tree, one of a range we will have, that grows its own fruit.

The little fruit actually grow, until they are ripe, and then they rot and fall from the tree 🙂

I am hoping we will have lots of unique fauna and flora on Bishara that will be a part of the very fabric of the resort.  Anyone wanting to help out, please IM me directly.  My ‘leaves’ suck a little!


Things have come to life in Bishara!

Hey, its Tuesday and manic as usual, but I need to take a moment to remind everyone of what we’re doing in Bishara Resorts at the moment, across all the resort islands.  We have added some spectacular sculpted animated birds as the start of our rejuvenation of the resort’s animal life.

At the entrance and at the old fishing shack of Mandhari Island you will see some beautifully done seagulls swimming and standing around.  The entrance sub station even has a gull feeder that when touched launches food to where the nearest seagull is, to be gobbled up.  They’re all animated and unbelievably well done.

On Bishara Island we have added some kingfisher birds that will take your breath away, again fully animated and gorgeous!  Take a look at them if you wish by teleporting to the fishing hole.

O, and I completely forgot about our new butterflies – they’re also sculpted and stunning, right over at Fractured Falls (waterfall) on Mandhari Island.  You have got to see them to believe how amazing they are!

Many more coming this month!