Merry Christmas !!!

May this be a blessed Christmas to you all! Filled with fun, love and laughter! At Bishara we still have a gift voucher somewhere out there on the sims hidden away to the value of L$2,500. Its just there for the taking 🙂 A Christmas tip, think SL physics and try and peep into everything you see. Who knows you may end up with a nice little boost to your own SL Christmas 🙂


Free Christmas gifts on Bishara and Bahati Islands

Hey, come and hunt for Christmas gifts hidden all over Bishara Resorts, containing scripted gifts, clothes, odds and ends and even one Golden Box containing a special gift voucher worth L$2,500! Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas give-away!

A blessed Christmas everyone from me and my whole team, and to celebrate we are giving away a limited amount of Bishara store stock this weekend! Come to the islands this weekend and try and find all the hidden Christmas gift boxes around the sims. Each will contain a fully paid for product from our stores, allowing you to ‘buy’ the gift box for L$0!!! Its part of a clearance of our current stock, well over L$100,000 worth, and part to thank you all for an amazing year!

A ‘conservative’ Christmas? Let’s hear it for our heros!

Hi everyone, this year has flown and Bishara grew from a 512 sq m plot on the mainland to the 262,000 sq m size it is today, with lots of downs thanks to the tremendous growth rate of SL and the strain on the Second Life grid, but also with LOTS of ups, mainly from all of you visiting us, buying some land in the few plots we did put up for sale, and in helping us get Majini off the ground within the surfing community, and the ever positive Torley Linden who keeps me sane with his zany blogs and video tutorials. However the idea in Bishara has always been to create a reasonable visitor’s number on the sims to help encourage folks to also visit the real world environmental projects close to us, and this year has been the preparation of that.

You may have noticed that we do most of everything in Bishara’s sims for you for free, limiting the commercial spaces, the residential land and the rentals to a minimum whilst spending most of our personal funds on creating the reef environment you see. I hope that in this coming year, alongside such fantastic artists like Kaikou Splash and the Heart sisters, we will see some of our own residents and group members also add their designs and creations to the caleidescope of wonder that has become Bishara Resorts. We are paying over USD2,000 per month now in tier fees thanks to VAT, even though I live in a NON-EU country (I bank with a British bank though), of which only about USD300 comes back in residential tier fees, and about USD100 per month of product sales. The strain has been unbelieveable and many a day has come that I got up in the morning feeling I cannot afford this anymore, only to walk my beloved Bishara beaches and realize that it is one of the best therapies I could ever experience 😉 Then I normally end up chatting to VW or Onna or dive the beautiful Chris69 Fitzgerald shipwreck, and then go to bed thinking I’ll keep it all for just one more day 🙂 But it is also my loyalty to a commitment I made in the beginning of the year to that prevents me from simply walking away from all of Bishara when things get really tough!

As I live in Cape Town and grew up surfing the Atlantic I have always been drawn to the sea and its tremendous varieties of life. Because it is a cold stream running down the west coast of Southern Africa we have non-coral reefs and hence my interest in based in California, who do such a fantastic job trying to protect the non-coral reefs of the world. Naturally I LOVE coral and its beauty and complexity too, but in Bishara I tried a mix of both. However remains our priority as they are a small team of people with a small budget and a huge responsibility. Please join me this Christmas to make it a booming one for by visiting their website and either volenteering for the fish counting projects or by donating some funds directly to them. Five people trying to conserve the whole Atlantic and Caribbean non-coral reefs! And manage their fish counting projects! These are truly the unsung heros of conservation to me. Help me, help us help them. Go to and lets throw our weight behind them in RL too as you have done for us in SL!