Ripped off surfing products!

Hiya Bisharians!

Hey, take a moment and read ‘

Excellent comment from Heather Goodliffe about the work she and Seb have done for surfing in SL, and her fears about copied work and dishonest operators, in response to my own piece on the matter.  Let’s get behind the efforts to clean up the surfing product offerings in SL by purchasing only from designers who honour their agreements with creators like HG and Seb, and let’s encourage innovative new designers who clearly have not ripped off someone else’s designs.  I always find voting with your wallet works wonders 🙂


Mandhari Island houses – Update

Hi everyone, I wanted to update you all on how we are doing with new house designs on Mandhari Island. After having a stunning new design done by a most wonderful designer, and seeing the final result, we seem to have experienced a bit of a communication glitch and are still waiting for that house to arrive in our inventories so that we can make it available to you all for the first house option. In light of this delay we have commissioned yet another designer to look at building us a second option for the island, and I am hopeful to see that completed by the end of April. Please IM us if you have any questions.