Second Life is down, again…

Hehehe, maybe I should just haul up last week’s post and report it, he 😉 Would save us the trouble of blogging about it … yet again. So the central database in Second Life has hit the cr*pper. Again. This just hit me – Linden Labs may as well bring back gambling, because Second Life has become one big roulette wheel anyway, a gamble for avatars as to whether they would live today or not, a roll of the dice as to whether the prim they just rezzed will be there tomorrow or lost forever, a flick of a card to either blow up and crash or smell sweet success at achieving a lagless unbroken day’s experience in-world!


And we’re down again… Asset server problems, asset cluster problems, asset database problems…

What can we do, but stand by and watch and hope Linden Labs finds a hero that can fix this mess once and for all! I am in no way disregarding the immense work that created the world we now know as Second Life, but there is clearly an experienced resource needed in their database management or design team, and I hope that they find such a resource soon. In Bishara we have now lost many many Lindens worth of products and prims with no recourse at all, and we are replacing customer’s losses on a regular basis.

/me standing by in hope my RL spirit can reconnect with me soon!

Second Life grid down due to routing problems… again

I just posted the following issue in the JIRA, SVC-2077, as I noticed a disparity with LL billing. It simply was this, they apologise time and time again for service disruptions, which is nice, but their billing system never seems to experience the same problems 😉 So here is my call to the Lindens – why not link your service quality and availability to your billing systems as well. In other words, should we see a loss in services we will see the discounted tier the following billing cycle, as you, the Lindens, compensate us, the land owners, for our losses during such limited or non-existant service periods. This is fair, yes?

In a very simple statement, the sense of the current billing is made laughable: Today or in the present, if you deliver the service to us, we pay full tier; if you fail to deliver the service to us, we still pay full tier… No one in Linden land see any issue here? Well I do, and I am hoping that SVC-2077 will at least get you the Linden family, to take note of this unfairness, and see us into a new Havoc 4 era where service disruptions lead to discounted tiers in the month of that disruption.