Bishara Group IM Chats

I have wanted to post this for ages, but never got the time.

When I created the Bish group it was for socializing and I wanted people to feel free to use it to ask questions, chat about Bish stuff, and generally have fun with one another.  It is after all a group chat tool.  Since we grew with some managers coming and fortunately going, many folks were flamed for simply chatting, saying ‘hi’ or asking a question on the group IM.  So I realized that we need to make a rule that works for everyone, so here it is.

The Bishara Group IM chat can be used for any Bishara group or member issues, single notices of social events on the Resort, announcements of marriage or even just for saying ‘hello’. 

The Bishara Group IM chat may not be used for advertising, for spamming folks with event announcements, or for flaming / griefing. Anyone caught doing any of this on a repeated basis will be ejected from the group.  Flaming someone or griefing someone through this group will get you a ban from the resort as well, as I do not stand for abuse or discrimination of any sort.

Why am I so tough about the last point? In the beginning of my life as a sim owner I was subjected to a well known avatar in SL’s racist remarks through an ongoing attack of such intensity that I felt I should leave SL completely. This person’s attack was because I tried to assist someone in the Concierge group with reporting griefers, and in those days a certain service for Sim owners was quite handy and I made the mistake of mentioning this service’s name.  That was the trigger for what became an attack on my culture and my person, and it left me shocked and disillusioned, as I had read this avatar’s blog regularly prior to this attack and had even agreed with some of the points he/she raised in some of the posts on that blog.  Having this happen to me stripped that admiration for he/she completely, and revealed to me the ugly side of Second Life, the fact that we do not really know the person behind the avatar.  The weirdest thing about this, is how the attack turned from an SL related issue to a RL related issue with the question ‘Are you Asian?’ only to be followed by ‘you’re African?’ – and then a tirade about how I am from a culture in which we are ‘psuedo nice’ people who are actually violent in nature, and so on and so on.

The funny part of that is that I am in fact European, though born in South Africa, as many of you know, but he/she took my SL name as his/her guide to who I am, and it sounded Asian / African I guess so I was open to attack and verbal abuse.  Those days reporting something like this in SL was almost unknown and I regret never doing so.  I remember in my shock I emailed Torley Linden about it and he was a great support to me.  However, the point was that as an European I for the first time felt what it must feel like for so many people around the world who are subjected to such treatment every day!  It cannot be tolerated and having matured in SL since that day, I don’t stand for it at all.

So, I don’t care who you are in SL or RL, if you flame or abuse someone, and a copy of the IM is sent to me in an abuse report or it is shown publicly in the Bish group IMs, you will be banned and I will report you to the Lindens as well, who I am glad to say look like they take such attacks more seriously these days.  VW Sands and the team in Bish are well capable of doing the same and are authorized to kick butt 😉  If you have experienced any such problems in Bish talk to them or me asap. We promise to be there for you!

To those who complain about IM chats ‘bothering’ you, just click on the little cross to the upper right hand side of the actual Bishara Group IM window.  That closes the group chat and ends any IM’s bothering you until you log on the next time.


New Mono fix rolling out this week!

Hiya Bisharians.  Hey, the Lindens are rolling out a new fix for a serious Mono glitch that caused scripts to crash completely (unrecoverable) suddenly and randomly.  A problem with C# too complex to explain here, but at least the more experienced coders / scripters in Second Life will be testing the fix to make sure it’s all sorted out for us.

This post is simply to warn everyone that the patch will be rolled out through the next few days so if anything strange happens just let VW Sands know and he should be able to sort out surfboards and waves that act weird in any way 🙂

My opinions, moans, and news, all on a nice new site :)

Hiya Bisharians, VW and I have both started writing personal blogs that some of you may enjoy reading.  Take a look at the menu on the right hand side of the Bish blog for our links.


RL Sponsors

Having seen the initial success of the Surfline SL collaboration and PADI’s amazing work in SL, we are evaluating a similar partnership with ocean focused Real Life (RL) sponsors, either surfing product, windsurfing product, scuba product, fishing product or general ocean activities product suppliers that would be interested in sponsoring Bishara Resorts, and in return having the dominant product placements within our island group.  Furthermore, the sponsor would be able to place virtual versions of their real life products in Bishara and Second Life in general for showcasing / marketing as well as general purpose testing.  We are casting our lines out wide to find people who could help with high level introductions to companies that may fit this profile, and who would enhance the overall resort environment, look and enjoyment.  If you have anyone who could help sponsor or you believe your own company would be interested, please drop a notecard to VW Sands or Dumisani Ah at your earliest convenience.

Congratulations to our fave new married couple !!!

Hey Bisharians, join me in a toast and surf to our own VW Sands and Lissa Pinion who have become hitched today!  Wow, Wimbi Island will never be the same again!  All I can say is this must be one event in SL and RL I regret the most I could not attend.  However I can make a HUGE issue out of it to a point of absolutely embarrassing them 🙂  Hehe, so when you see them you may wish to hand out a huge smootchy kiss and or handshake to them both!  Also I can officially call this Saturday, the 16th of August, Crazy Day, erghmm I mean SandsPinion Day or SP Day or VWissa Day or LVW Day for short. Ok, maybe someone has a better idea for a name?

My best wishes to you both, VW & Lissa!

Want to join our management team?

Hi Bisharians,

We have several things that need done from time to time on the resort that we’re simply not getting to because of the workload we have.  Here are some examples of what we need done, and if you think you can help, please drop either VW Sands or myself a notecard in-world or email me at dumisani AT

  1. New website – we need a new designed site that has more participation from fellow Bisharians than the current WordPress blog.  Any ideas to achieving this, maybe with a nice Web2.0 app like an open source CMS perhaps?
  2. A resident mole – we need a mole in Bish that can go around and help me finish off the general landscaping like edging the pathways I built ages ago, bettering some of the textures and adding foliage where appropriate.  Also our diving spots need to be finished off, though I try from time to time to edge closer to perfection 😉
  3. Accountant – We need help!!! We need to check that the rentals and tiers on the resorts are indeed able to carry as much of the resort’s activities as possible. Currently my subsidy to the whole project is huge, more than 75% and it is getting very tough to support continuously without the hope of a break-even point soon.  Please let me have your ideas and assistance to get this working better for us all.
  4. Events – I have asked several people and had several volunteer for this in the past, but unsuccessfully. We have had very little regular activity on the resorts, other than VW’s fantastic surfing activities and Lissa Pinion’s wonderful fishing adventures (great comps too).  We have a 6 island resort with no activities other than those two, WOW, I’m stumped at what to do here and hope some of you will have ideas.

Well, that’s just an initial list of things we would love to do in Bish.  Any new ones? Just communicate them through to me or VW or Lissa anytime.



Wimbi Island surfing – Are you good enough?

Hey Bisharians!  Ever tried traveling over from Majini to Wimbi lately?  Here’s a suggestion, travel over to the Mangrove beach area and rezz your board to launch from there.  Paddle over to the pipelines and have a surf… but what’s this? You’re bang into the rocks and get blocked?  Hehehe, o yes, this is phase one of the changes at Wimbi Island’s surf layout.  We’re making a surf adventure that is basically more like real life surfing.  Once complete, you will need to watch for various things in the wave run that could affect the way you surf or injure you too.  Wimbi has damage switched on for a reason 🙂

So for now, phase 1, we have only rezzed the blockers so that you can try and learn to develop that essential overview during a surf that you need to not get affected or caught by these natural dangers 🙂  Let us know your experiences – comment right here and lets hear what you wish improved!