Merry Christmas !!!

May this be a blessed Christmas to you all! Filled with fun, love and laughter! At Bishara we still have a gift voucher somewhere out there on the sims hidden away to the value of L$2,500. Its just there for the taking 🙂 A Christmas tip, think SL physics and try and peep into everything you see. Who knows you may end up with a nice little boost to your own SL Christmas 🙂


Christmas give-away!

A blessed Christmas everyone from me and my whole team, and to celebrate we are giving away a limited amount of Bishara store stock this weekend! Come to the islands this weekend and try and find all the hidden Christmas gift boxes around the sims. Each will contain a fully paid for product from our stores, allowing you to ‘buy’ the gift box for L$0!!! Its part of a clearance of our current stock, well over L$100,000 worth, and part to thank you all for an amazing year!