Ripped off surfing products!

Hiya Bisharians!

Hey, take a moment and read ‘

Excellent comment from Heather Goodliffe about the work she and Seb have done for surfing in SL, and her fears about copied work and dishonest operators, in response to my own piece on the matter.  Let’s get behind the efforts to clean up the surfing product offerings in SL by purchasing only from designers who honour their agreements with creators like HG and Seb, and let’s encourage innovative new designers who clearly have not ripped off someone else’s designs.  I always find voting with your wallet works wonders 🙂


Havoc 4 in Second Life – WOOOOTTTTTT I think…

Its Christmas, even though its April – HAVOC 4 is here. Of course I write this today so that no one assumes I was making an April Fool’s Joke if posted yesterday when it was in fact rolled out 🙂 Even though this new physics engine opens up a whole lot of new and exciting feature possibilities to those able to manipulate them properly, and to us peeps who just look on with jawdropping awe, it has some quirks. We have been experiencing that through the day today with our EPIC 2 waves on Majini Island crashing BIG time. We have removed them for the interim and replaced them with Pipes, but even these are not running as they used to. Hopefully Heather Goodliffe will be able to come up with some suggestions to improve what has happened, but I have posted to the comments as well so that Sidewinder Linden and others could swing by and check out the problems. VW Sands and I hope to get this all running again soon, but some patience is required.