Mori Pwani Beach

A good friend of mine told me just a few weeks ago of a beautiful new resort in Second Life, called Mori Pwani, and I have noticed how much the place has changed him in the few visits he had to it.  Seems he has lost the melancholy caused by the loss of Bish almost completely now, and trust me that’s a fantastic thing!  Memories are good, but not when they go all black on you 😉

Anyway, I thought since he has become such a changed avatar, that I MUST direct all the other lost Bish souls to this new place from my blog, so when I finally do get to log back into my life and visit it, you will ALL be there 😉  So, get to the resort homepage and just see how real this new paradise is.  I hear from this same friend of mine that an old bikini wearing surfer dude buddy of mine apparently made the bulk of these sims along with a crazy team of surfers, and that it feels much much better than Bish ever did.  Knowing that it could only have been VW Sands, I completely agree with that statement and wish Mori Pwani, VW, Lissa and everyone there the very very best!

Keep those boards waxed, I’ll be back before you know it!


SLSA 2008 Season Best Competition Day: Majini

Woootttttt!!! I’ll say this in VW Sands absence this weekend while he is sunning his RL avatar in his beach house for a few days – the man puts on the very best for surfers in SL and this kudo for Majini is his doing and that of the surfing management team he built!  Well done, VW, against tough competition you pulled off a fantastic honour for Majini Island and Bishara Resorts!

This week in Second Life

Wow, what a mess. My favorite place to be other than with family, and its been inaccessible to me about 11 times now due to that wonderful error that states ‘access to Second Life is not authorized from this computer’ or something like that. Its been quite a thrill communicating with friends in-world through a HIPPO IM tool, even though I pay over US$1000 in tier fees for the four sims I own in-world and should be in-world doing that. Regardless, its no one’s fault, things happen, just seems that this past week has been one hell of a week for snags in Second Life. I can only hope that the platform gets stable again quickly as it makes for a very bad investment right now. I love the environment and do not wish to shoot it down in any way as it is very much the future as far as I am concerned, but I am low on enthusiasm right now.

Hope to see you all in-world soon.


Mandhari Island – New designs for houses available soon!

Hi everyone, well, looks like Bishara is fast becoming the community driven project I had always hoped for. Today I am delighted to announce that Onna Oktomica will be designing brand new houses for residents of Mandhari Island, in line with the sim’s fantastic design created by Jackson Mulberry. Onna’s designer homes will be available for viewing and purchase in Mandhari Island from the 20th of November, and all interested buyers of land in Mandhari Island will be able to choose the house they wish to put on their new parcels. Current residents may choose to do the same 🙂

We will publish prices of the house models here for everyone to see and possibly view out-world.

Thanks Onna!!! The offer from you was quite timely and helps expand the appeal of our sims !