Second Life grid down due to routing problems… again

I just posted the following issue in the JIRA, SVC-2077, as I noticed a disparity with LL billing. It simply was this, they apologise time and time again for service disruptions, which is nice, but their billing system never seems to experience the same problems 😉 So here is my call to the Lindens – why not link your service quality and availability to your billing systems as well. In other words, should we see a loss in services we will see the discounted tier the following billing cycle, as you, the Lindens, compensate us, the land owners, for our losses during such limited or non-existant service periods. This is fair, yes?

In a very simple statement, the sense of the current billing is made laughable: Today or in the present, if you deliver the service to us, we pay full tier; if you fail to deliver the service to us, we still pay full tier… No one in Linden land see any issue here? Well I do, and I am hoping that SVC-2077 will at least get you the Linden family, to take note of this unfairness, and see us into a new Havoc 4 era where service disruptions lead to discounted tiers in the month of that disruption.


This week in Second Life

Wow, what a mess. My favorite place to be other than with family, and its been inaccessible to me about 11 times now due to that wonderful error that states ‘access to Second Life is not authorized from this computer’ or something like that. Its been quite a thrill communicating with friends in-world through a HIPPO IM tool, even though I pay over US$1000 in tier fees for the four sims I own in-world and should be in-world doing that. Regardless, its no one’s fault, things happen, just seems that this past week has been one hell of a week for snags in Second Life. I can only hope that the platform gets stable again quickly as it makes for a very bad investment right now. I love the environment and do not wish to shoot it down in any way as it is very much the future as far as I am concerned, but I am low on enthusiasm right now.

Hope to see you all in-world soon.