I havent been around for a while…

I miss Bish so much! I have to say these last few months since LL closed us down, I have been very much in mourning, and driven by a horrible guilt loaded with shame for dropping so many wonderful friends by losing the resort like that.  I have finally made my peace with the loss though, but I still miss just dropping out of RL into paradise and living the dream that was Bishara, Majini, Bahati, Mandhari, Pepo and Wimbi Islands.

That said it was always the people who made Bish what it was, not even the waves, the environment or the sounds.  So I was overjoyed when I heard from a friend of mine that there has been some new sims with a similar feeling, full of echoes of the past, but soaked in a much brighter future!  So seeing how it has affected him so positively to be again in a sim where the old friends have all found a new home, I have decided to write a final post here to help you all find this new paradise. If you see any of the old team there, send them my fondest regards.  I still dream of my return, and as soon as my RL avatar’s ship finally comes in, I will be back and then I too will hope to call this new place my home!


Congratulations to our fave new married couple !!!

Hey Bisharians, join me in a toast and surf to our own VW Sands and Lissa Pinion who have become hitched today!  Wow, Wimbi Island will never be the same again!  All I can say is this must be one event in SL and RL I regret the most I could not attend.  However I can make a HUGE issue out of it to a point of absolutely embarrassing them 🙂  Hehe, so when you see them you may wish to hand out a huge smootchy kiss and or handshake to them both!  Also I can officially call this Saturday, the 16th of August, Crazy Day, erghmm I mean SandsPinion Day or SP Day or VWissa Day or LVW Day for short. Ok, maybe someone has a better idea for a name?

My best wishes to you both, VW & Lissa!

Want to join our management team?

Hi Bisharians,

We have several things that need done from time to time on the resort that we’re simply not getting to because of the workload we have.  Here are some examples of what we need done, and if you think you can help, please drop either VW Sands or myself a notecard in-world or email me at dumisani AT secondlabs.com:

  1. New website – we need a new designed site that has more participation from fellow Bisharians than the current WordPress blog.  Any ideas to achieving this, maybe with a nice Web2.0 app like an open source CMS perhaps?
  2. A resident mole – we need a mole in Bish that can go around and help me finish off the general landscaping like edging the pathways I built ages ago, bettering some of the textures and adding foliage where appropriate.  Also our diving spots need to be finished off, though I try from time to time to edge closer to perfection 😉
  3. Accountant – We need help!!! We need to check that the rentals and tiers on the resorts are indeed able to carry as much of the resort’s activities as possible. Currently my subsidy to the whole project is huge, more than 75% and it is getting very tough to support continuously without the hope of a break-even point soon.  Please let me have your ideas and assistance to get this working better for us all.
  4. Events – I have asked several people and had several volunteer for this in the past, but unsuccessfully. We have had very little regular activity on the resorts, other than VW’s fantastic surfing activities and Lissa Pinion’s wonderful fishing adventures (great comps too).  We have a 6 island resort with no activities other than those two, WOW, I’m stumped at what to do here and hope some of you will have ideas.

Well, that’s just an initial list of things we would love to do in Bish.  Any new ones? Just communicate them through to me or VW or Lissa anytime.



July is newbie sport month in Bishara Resorts

No, this is not open season on newbies kind of sport 😉  Its the month of July and its dedicated to getting more and more new residents into the Bishara way of life, ie. laid back island living with style! Its also the month in which I personally wish to teach everyone the true meaning of the Afrikaans use of the word ‘lekker’ !!!

Now in practical terms this is a month in which we wish to teach anyone who has never been able to surf, sail, dive, fish or skydive, just how much fun this can be.  We are gearing up the whole team to be as n00b friendly as we have ever been, and I am even asking Lance Corrimal to replace his n00b rocket repeller bullets with flowers instead 🙂 Okay, thats wayyyyy too sixties and Lance will kill me for just suggesting such a thing, but I can assure you that even Lance will be treating newbie questions about sailing with that extra grace and openess he has always used during this month of July – errrr, just in case please wear a flack jacket 😉

If any player who is new and NOT an ALT needs to ask any question whatsoever of me, this is also the month to do so, and no, Im married, so don’t try ‘those’ questions on me 🙂  ANY suggestions to make new residents more comfortable in Bishara Resorts, and Second Life in general, please IM VW Sands or Dumisani Ah or our resident N00b Manager Lissa Pinion, as we have it as our aim to enlarge the surfer community whilst aiding any new residents as much as we are able to.  If its agreeable with our covenant and within our power to do, we will try our utmost to do so!  Ok, at least for July 🙂