I havent been around for a while…

I miss Bish so much! I have to say these last few months since LL closed us down, I have been very much in mourning, and driven by a horrible guilt loaded with shame for dropping so many wonderful friends by losing the resort like that.  I have finally made my peace with the loss though, but I still miss just dropping out of RL into paradise and living the dream that was Bishara, Majini, Bahati, Mandhari, Pepo and Wimbi Islands.

That said it was always the people who made Bish what it was, not even the waves, the environment or the sounds.  So I was overjoyed when I heard from a friend of mine that there has been some new sims with a similar feeling, full of echoes of the past, but soaked in a much brighter future!  So seeing how it has affected him so positively to be again in a sim where the old friends have all found a new home, I have decided to write a final post here to help you all find this new paradise. If you see any of the old team there, send them my fondest regards.  I still dream of my return, and as soon as my RL avatar’s ship finally comes in, I will be back and then I too will hope to call this new place my home!


SL Profiles surf group for those offline chats :)

Hiya surfer dudes and dudettes!  I created a group for offline chatting at SLProfiles.  Come and join:


Don´t worry, be happy

They grief, we RIDE!

OK, so we had this awesome surf contest on Sunday the 10th of August and despite an attack on the sim by some bonehead, managed to have WAY to much fun again. Nothing like creating new surf junkies of innocent young avatars 🙂

Thanks everyone for coming out to surf and special thanks to “The Crew” for all your hard work.

Next up is the Boneyard this coming weekend for the SLSA 2008 part II opener on Saturday and then a very special day on Wimbi Island on Sunday 🙂

Paddle hard,


Wimbi Island surfing – Are you good enough?

Hey Bisharians!  Ever tried traveling over from Majini to Wimbi lately?  Here’s a suggestion, travel over to the Mangrove beach area and rezz your board to launch from there.  Paddle over to the pipelines and have a surf… but what’s this? You’re bang into the rocks and get blocked?  Hehehe, o yes, this is phase one of the changes at Wimbi Island’s surf layout.  We’re making a surf adventure that is basically more like real life surfing.  Once complete, you will need to watch for various things in the wave run that could affect the way you surf or injure you too.  Wimbi has damage switched on for a reason 🙂

So for now, phase 1, we have only rezzed the blockers so that you can try and learn to develop that essential overview during a surf that you need to not get affected or caught by these natural dangers 🙂  Let us know your experiences – comment right here and lets hear what you wish improved!

July is newbie sport month in Bishara Resorts

No, this is not open season on newbies kind of sport 😉  Its the month of July and its dedicated to getting more and more new residents into the Bishara way of life, ie. laid back island living with style! Its also the month in which I personally wish to teach everyone the true meaning of the Afrikaans use of the word ‘lekker’ !!!

Now in practical terms this is a month in which we wish to teach anyone who has never been able to surf, sail, dive, fish or skydive, just how much fun this can be.  We are gearing up the whole team to be as n00b friendly as we have ever been, and I am even asking Lance Corrimal to replace his n00b rocket repeller bullets with flowers instead 🙂 Okay, thats wayyyyy too sixties and Lance will kill me for just suggesting such a thing, but I can assure you that even Lance will be treating newbie questions about sailing with that extra grace and openess he has always used during this month of July – errrr, just in case please wear a flack jacket 😉

If any player who is new and NOT an ALT needs to ask any question whatsoever of me, this is also the month to do so, and no, Im married, so don’t try ‘those’ questions on me 🙂  ANY suggestions to make new residents more comfortable in Bishara Resorts, and Second Life in general, please IM VW Sands or Dumisani Ah or our resident N00b Manager Lissa Pinion, as we have it as our aim to enlarge the surfer community whilst aiding any new residents as much as we are able to.  If its agreeable with our covenant and within our power to do, we will try our utmost to do so!  Ok, at least for July 🙂

Bishara/Majini events………

Aloha Bishara! Here is a list of the up-coming events planned for the summer………..

June 18th (wednesday) 11 SLT

Join the VSA for a midnight Surf session on Pepo – Come surf the amazing break on Pepo under the cover of midnight skies. Prizes and freebies for all surfers. Not a contest per-say, just a good time with friends and a chance to make new ones. Open to ALL!

June 20th (friday) 6 pm SLT

Join us on Majini Island to celebrate the 2008 SLSA surf season. Partywave for our fallen heros followed by awards to the 2008 season winners.
Live DJ´s for 9 straight hours to encompass all timezones and plenty of fun to be had. Don´t miss this very special event! Open to ALL!

June 28th (saturday) 11 SLT

Join the VSA for the 5th VSA Surf-Jam on Majini Island. Cash and prizes to the top 6 finishers, plenty of music and hot surfing action as always! As always spots are limited so please sign up by IM as soon as possible to secure a spot. SJ5 is also the Bishara Resorts chance to raise money for the Relay for Life so come out and support our efforts! Vibes members ONLY!

July 2nd (wednesday) 11 SLT

Join the VSA for a wednesday session on Wimby Island where we shoot the rocks, jam to the sounds of Reggae and hang out in the hide-out for an after session party. Perfect chance to get tuned up for the 4th of July weekend yanks! Open to ALL!

July 12th (saturday) 11 SLT

Join the VSA for a windsurfing comp on Majini Island – Come challenge the 60 footer with a sail! 24 spots max so get signed up by IM and come out to Maji for a exciting time. Cash and prizes, freebies and plenty of fun to be had, don´t miss it!

July 16th (wednesday) 11 SLT

Join the VSA for a wednesday session on Majini Island where EVERY wave is a PARTYWAVE! Jam to the sounds of classic surf music, drink Corona and pass out on the deck after dancing all night! Open to ALL!

August 9th (saturday) 11 SLT

Join the VSA for the 6th VSA Surf-Jam on Majini Island. Cash and prizes to the top 6 finishers, plenty of music and hot surfing action as always! As always spots are limited so please sign up by IM as soon as possible to secure a spot.
Vibes members ONLY!

August 30th (saturday) 11 SLT

Join the VSA for the 7th VSA Surf-Jam on Majini Island. Cash and prizes to the top 6 finishers, plenty of music and hot surfing action as always! As always spots are limited so please sign up by IM as soon as possible to secure a spot.
Vibes members ONLY!



*All dates subject to change and to SL scr**-ups 🙂

New Bishara market Surf Sail and Diving store area open now!

Hi everyone, please drop a notecard with VW Sands or myself if you are interested in having a spot in the Bishara Market on Bishara Beach.  If you make surf / sail / dive equipment or clothing this is for you.  Majini Island feeds up to 10,000 true visitors to the beaches regularly, often higher than that, so the region is well served by your potential customer base.  Rates will be given once we understand the demand for space and once we have configured the layout to allow as many as possible to sell here without overwhelming one another.  We love making rentals from people, but not at the expense of the island layout, so space will remain limited.  Please don’t delay, get those notecards submitted asap.