July is newbie sport month in Bishara Resorts

No, this is not open season on newbies kind of sport 😉  Its the month of July and its dedicated to getting more and more new residents into the Bishara way of life, ie. laid back island living with style! Its also the month in which I personally wish to teach everyone the true meaning of the Afrikaans use of the word ‘lekker’ !!!

Now in practical terms this is a month in which we wish to teach anyone who has never been able to surf, sail, dive, fish or skydive, just how much fun this can be.  We are gearing up the whole team to be as n00b friendly as we have ever been, and I am even asking Lance Corrimal to replace his n00b rocket repeller bullets with flowers instead 🙂 Okay, thats wayyyyy too sixties and Lance will kill me for just suggesting such a thing, but I can assure you that even Lance will be treating newbie questions about sailing with that extra grace and openess he has always used during this month of July – errrr, just in case please wear a flack jacket 😉

If any player who is new and NOT an ALT needs to ask any question whatsoever of me, this is also the month to do so, and no, Im married, so don’t try ‘those’ questions on me 🙂  ANY suggestions to make new residents more comfortable in Bishara Resorts, and Second Life in general, please IM VW Sands or Dumisani Ah or our resident N00b Manager Lissa Pinion, as we have it as our aim to enlarge the surfer community whilst aiding any new residents as much as we are able to.  If its agreeable with our covenant and within our power to do, we will try our utmost to do so!  Ok, at least for July 🙂


Things have come to life in Bishara!

Hey, its Tuesday and manic as usual, but I need to take a moment to remind everyone of what we’re doing in Bishara Resorts at the moment, across all the resort islands.  We have added some spectacular sculpted animated birds as the start of our rejuvenation of the resort’s animal life.

At the entrance and at the old fishing shack of Mandhari Island you will see some beautifully done seagulls swimming and standing around.  The entrance sub station even has a gull feeder that when touched launches food to where the nearest seagull is, to be gobbled up.  They’re all animated and unbelievably well done.

On Bishara Island we have added some kingfisher birds that will take your breath away, again fully animated and gorgeous!  Take a look at them if you wish by teleporting to the fishing hole.

O, and I completely forgot about our new butterflies – they’re also sculpted and stunning, right over at Fractured Falls (waterfall) on Mandhari Island.  You have got to see them to believe how amazing they are!

Many more coming this month!

Bishara Resorts Club – Latest

More news about our land club. New land purchases in Bishara will be done through this club. In short, we will create a Bishara club group for each new simulator or island that we order. This will not be a Second Life type group, but one of our own so it will not be taking up any of your 25 group slots. To reserve a parcel on this new simulator, you need to pay the reservation space on the Reservation system, which will automatically add you to the new sim or island’s group. As soon as we have enough reservations on this sim or island, Dumisani Ah will place an order with Linden Labs through the new Land Store that will (apparently) generate the new sim or island within minutes for us. Bishara Resorts staff will landscape and theme the sim as the others are on Bishara, and we will IM you directly after it is completed for 1. occupation, or 2. resell. So we buy land as a collective 🙂 Your reservation monies will be kept within the group budget or fund, and will be returned to you should there not be enough reservations for that island.
Pricing on the island is such that you make a killing on the land purchase price if you reserve early, and such that Bishara Resorts still has a bit left to spend on theming and landscaping. Any questions about this, the reservation system or generally about the expansion, just IM Dumisani Ah or VW Sands.

Mandhari Island houses – Update

Hi everyone, I wanted to update you all on how we are doing with new house designs on Mandhari Island. After having a stunning new design done by a most wonderful designer, and seeing the final result, we seem to have experienced a bit of a communication glitch and are still waiting for that house to arrive in our inventories so that we can make it available to you all for the first house option. In light of this delay we have commissioned yet another designer to look at building us a second option for the island, and I am hopeful to see that completed by the end of April. Please IM us if you have any questions.

Bishara Resorts New Island Reservations

Hi everyone, well well well, I am taking the plunge and putting in 10 new sims throughout the Bishara Resorts island group, with 6 new residential / commercial themed sims, and 4 dedicated ocean sims. I am hoping to have you all help us afford this with the following deal – on Bishara we are placing a parcel reservation system through which you can commit your purchase of a parcel. No money will pass hands until there are 8 reservations per sim. On the reservation of the 8th parcel of a sim we will automatically purchase an island from Linden Labs to place in the position you selected on the map of the reservation system. On ordering this sim we will request payment for your reservation of a parcel, and place the new sim as soon as the Lindens deliver it to us and we have completed the theme, no more than 3 days after receiving the sim. The rates will be published on each reservation system for each new island. Please feel free to IM Dumisani Ah for any requests, questions or comments. This is our first resident collaborative project and we remain open to learning as much as we can. Asante. Dumi

New Mall Construction in Progress

We’re developing a new mall in Bishara Island, an open style with pre-installed Hippo vendors and a profit share model for designers wishing to start out and for people wishing to help support us by profit sharing with us. The open style has already had many great reviews and we are delighted with the responses.

Dolphin Products will continue to be expanded to help out anyone with free scripted objects, for two reasons: One is to showcase the wonderful and rich contribution by scripters to the Second Life community, with the scripts used in the Dolphin line being Open Source or released under public licenses for use freely amongst Second Life residents, and Secondly to help anyone wishing to understand better how these products or scripts work and to learn as I am, how to script themselves (trust me at 40 this does not come easy for me 🙂 ).

Merry Christmas !!!

May this be a blessed Christmas to you all! Filled with fun, love and laughter! At Bishara we still have a gift voucher somewhere out there on the sims hidden away to the value of L$2,500. Its just there for the taking 🙂 A Christmas tip, think SL physics and try and peep into everything you see. Who knows you may end up with a nice little boost to your own SL Christmas 🙂