What can you find in Bishara?

On our islands you will find a lot of activities and attractions made purely for your enjoyment. Even those that may cost L$10 or L$20 to play still pay you back half your money or some great cash prizes. But the most amazing things to see are mostly underwater, and require you to either take a swim or a dive to experience them. Its here that our focus remains always, trying to build a reef environment in the islands that will allow you to experience the waters of our world as close as you can without actually being in it in RL. For many access to the oceans do not come easy or are just impossible without an extensive trip or massive arrangements, and it is my hope that Bishara can be a small window into the fantastic underwater world of earth!

We are making steady progress with our object info orbs to build out our Bikipedia 😉 As soon as they have been placed we will have a big launch with all of you invited to the party!


Bishara needs you :)

Hi everyone, well in the pursuit of my dream of merging SL and RL in terms of conservation ideas, I am about to put idea boxes throughout the resort islands for you all to add your comments and suggestions into. However, I need your expert assistance with our sea-life in Bishara, and so you will see little suggestion boxes around all our underwater creatures and plantation for you to drop note cards into, detailing the RL information about each creature or plant. This is how it will work:
1. If you dive down into the Bishara Island reef for example, you will see a stationary and moving Humpback Whale, and near to them a Humpback Whale information orb. By touching this orb you will be able to read all about the Humpback in RL with a factoid note card popping up containing the information.
However, if you think we need to add something else to the note card data, you can simply right-click on the orb and select ‘ADD’ on the pie menu. Then simply CHAT the information you believe should be added here. Next time someone clicks on the orb requesting information, your comments will be captured in THEIR note card, giving them an even fuller background on the object in question, i.e. the humpback whale, and linking your name to the added data as the contributing author 😉

So we’re basically launching our very own Bishara Wikipedia, or Bikipedia 😉 You can help us write our own story that way 😉

Have your very own personal exploration submersible… for a while!

Mandhari Island now has a pontoon at the entry that will rezz you a beautiful SPLASH sub for your own personal underwater tour of the resort islands. Just touch the pontoon to have the sub rezz and get in for the stunning underwater views you will see in the islands. Give us your input on how we can improve this too.

WARNING – Please try and avoid Majini Island’s waves, as they will not function around foreign objects such as the sub.

New tours will come soon to for new players who may not be so confident with driving their own tour.



Munch Bay is ALIVE again :)

Hehe, the sharks are biting again in Bishara! Come and see what we are doing to rebuild Munch Bay after we placed Majini Island last month and we were forced to build the Majini reef on Bishara Island’s border for the EPICs to crash into. Well, the fish are swimming, the reef is regrowing and the eels, squid and goodies are alive again, along with our beloved shark population. We were the first with Munch Bay, and now we are back again in full force 🙂 Come have a bite, its sure to cost you an arm and a leg 😉

Bishara’s reefs – the real story…

When you arrive in Bishara and its sims or islands, it will strike you that we use an interesting blue texture for the base water texture of the land and that we spend a lot of time and effort building virtual reefs all around. In fact we support Splash and Kaikou Splash, and many other SL sea-life creators extensively for very good reasons.
Although Bishara means ‘commerce’ in Swahili (Biashara), it also means ‘blessing’ in Arabic, and it is intended to mean both these two things within SL for us for a very good reason. In the resort we are trying to excite SL residents about their ocean life and the fantastic creations that SL artists and creators are putting out into the SL community every day, and we do this because we too find such wonderful creativity in Second Life’s tools and we like you to see just what can be achieved by using them like Kaikou Splash and others do.

However we also try and excite you about these fantastic creations because they showcase in a very limited fashion what you and I can experience in RL (real life) almost every single day if we live near a body of water, or at least every time we visit the ocean or a lake or a waterside resort. Life in water is absolutely amazing and the color of our base texture, the blue you see there, comes directly from a modified picture of a reef in real life. It is our way of linking Bishara with RL almost from the word go, as you land in Bishara it is the colour that first strikes you as odd. And it reflects our passion – to showcase the beauty that the sea and water in general has in its diverse life and diverse environments.

SL cannot begin to truly reflect this beauty yet, but we feel it is one place where we can show you from the comfort of your home just how wonderful water based, or sea-life or aquatic life can be, and it is our particular interest to use Bishara Resorts as a springboard for our residents and visitors to visit real life establishments that work so much harder than us to conserve the stunning world under the waters and seas of this planet of ours. So we are rolling out over the next few months project after project to showcase this to you all and to direct you to a real life experience reflecting each new SL project we do.

Starting in November you will be able to see how scuba works by diving in Majini under the powerful Epic waves there, and to experience first hand what happens when a dive goes wrong, how the results are treated, what makes for safe scuba experiences and so on.

In November we are also launching our first attempt at a virtual fish counting experience for residents, and this will showcase the efforts made by REEF.org in real life fish counting projects around the world and their hard work at preserving our future aquatic heritage. – See my Reef.org post just above.

Month after month Bishara will be rolling out project after project that will showcase someone in RL’s efforts in as near as we can in SL, so that you as our residents and visitors can have the best virtual experience of what it takes to conserve this planet of ours and in particular the underwater world we dont always see, but that is essential to our life here on Earth.