RfL SL 2008 Rocked! WHOOOTTTTTT!

Hey Bisharians, thank you thank you thank you all for your fantastic donations these past months!  Bishara in its first RfL participation this year managed to raise L$58,275 of the total SL donations of L$52,645,845!

An amazing effort from everyone that certainly shows humanity, whether virtual or physical, will forge towards a cure no matter what it takes!  And though we did not participate this year in the actual relay, we could not raise 15 volunteers for the Bishara team, we will look forward to doing so next year!  This event is way too important.

I want to add that there is little that compared to the fantastic builds I saw on Heroes, the RfL estate, and I can only encourage ALL of you to TP across and have a look before the estate is closed down on the evening of the 22nd.  You won’t be disappointed as the camps and general RfL builds are all gorgeous, and thanks to Poid and Lissa and VW, the Bishara camp was right up there too 🙂


Relay for Life in Second Life news!

This week is the major major event for RfL in SL with the annual relay happening in Heroes, the estate where RfL have built their relay route and where Bishara has a camp set up to support those who relay for this fantastic cause.  For you who do not know what RfL is, please see their website here.

We are still needing more names, Bisharians, of survivors, fighters and heroes who passed away fighting cancer! Please notecard Dumisani Ah the names or IM him in-house.